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Swan Lake Begins End for Werewolf of Oz

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. After the classic comedy Mollymook episodes the Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps epic travel quest sails up the east coast to its denouement; the end is now within sight, only about thirty episodes north as Molly Mook flies.

Swan Lake, East Australia 

After the last two stories were name-sound inspired, a new story starts in this episode inspired by name-history. As the Werewolf of Ozzers reach a real Swan Lake in East Australia it sets off a Swan Lake story that can only end in tragedy… for that is the essence of Swan Lake.

swan lake

This episode can perhaps be called the beginning of the end, as Grey starts to notice things in the Tasman Sea, and wonders what they might be; they are relevant to the conclusion.

Grey is also in a reflective mood, after seeing the green light of the sun makes him want some human fun.

Chapter 111.  Sky Show Leads to Swan Lake Story

As we prepared to set off
I thought I heard a commotion
out in the Tasman Sea,
and wondered what it might be.

Endeavour Over Tasman Sea, Australia (NASA, In...
Endeavour Over Tasman Sea, Australia (NASA, International Space Station Science, 02/19/10) (Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)

However, when I looked around, the ocean was calm. None of the others seemed to have noticed anything, so I kept it to myself.

Green Ray and Epic Ballet

The moon had risen by the time we reached the Bendalong peninsula, and its light was invaluable as we bent our route around Bendalong for a long time.

It was dawn by the time we reached Swan Lake via Cudmirrah. The sunrise’s crepuscular rays streaked up into the bluing sky.

Cover of "Swan Lake (Paperstar)"
Cover of Swan Lake (Paperstar)

The lake’s name reminded me of the ballet; from what I remembered, it was a tale every bit as epic as this one.

I thought I saw a green ray above the sun as it rose; I wondered if it was a sign from Green, or the rare optical phenomenon I’d read about.

Those last two thoughts seemed to trigger my next one: that it would be more like Green to compare its journey to something so grandeur as Swan Lake.

After so much thinking early in the morning I half wished I was back in human form instead of being a brainwaving bottlenose; so I could neck a few Swan beers!



The Swan brewery is in Perth.


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