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Lord of the Rings Werewolf of Oz Stars Angry Mind

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. After yesterday’s heavy duty blog I think it’s time to escape to Oz, although today’s episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps sees the virtual travellers in terrible trouble within a mirky Smiggin Holes Lord of the Rings theme; although there is of course some comedy and wordplay to keep you happy; and a trip down memory lane as the Perishers warning re-enters the story.

Angry Anderson Mindful of Issues 

Rose Tattoo
Cover of Rose Tattoo

In line with working-class week at the Greenygrey, it is Angry’s mind that stars in this episode; although remembering women’s week, Elle again uses her body well.

Angry is based on Angry Anderson, a mixed-race Australian who grew up in a poor dysfunctional family; became a musical legend fronting Rose Tattoo, and went on to become an actor, youth advocate, politician and charity fundraiser.

He would be classed as a chav in Britain. Not saying Australia is classless though, and Oz and their Kiwi New Zealand neighbours have their own chav term: bogan. So Angry’s not done too bad for a bogan!

Little Penguin (Eudyptula minor) family exitin...
Little Penguin (Eudyptula minor) family exiting burrow, Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

His charity fundraising includes working for little penguins; which of course starred in the Kangaroo Island storyline within Werewolf of Oz, with Bonzo teaching them the AusRuIcket game they play for the ARIshes.

Angry Anderson Politics

Angry Anderson has found himself in a difficult greenygrey position in Australia similar to Marc Latham in the U.K., finding himself trying to do the best for his social demographic while also taking into consideration the national and world situation.

Over the other side of the world to the U.K. it is some parts of the Muslim culture that Angry Anderson thinks is causing problems for Australia and its growing multiculturalism; although he doesn’t want it to affect good Muslims, such as those fleeing the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Not that it’s only Muslims causing problems, or that there weren’t problems in Britain and Australia before mass immigration.

English: The Muslim population of the world ma...
English: The Muslim population of the world map by percentage of each country, according to the Pew Forum 2009 report on world Muslim populations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s just that in both countries, and many other parts of the world, it is mainly Islamist immigrants who try and impose their religion and culture on the countries and continents to which they emigrate.

And with most of the world’s wars including Islam against each other or other religions there are more Islamic refugees; I don’t know why they are so keen to continue a religious culture that obviously isn’t working!

Britain and Europe are evolving out of 1500 years of one Middle-Eastern monotheism, Christianity; which involved lots of good things, but also lots of bad ones, such as torture, execution, censorship, dictatorship, child abuse, unquestionable privilege, persecution of the poor, land grabs etc; so although most Muslims think they are doing us a favour trying to force Christianity’s younger twin on us, I for one don’t want to go back 1500 years and start the whole process again!

I feel sorry for the innocent Muslims suffering on the fringes of the Islamic world and in the Middle-East, but the common thread to the world’s wars is lslam.

I applaud Barack Obama for his isolationist policy, as the ‘West’ only gets blamed if it gets involved in what are essentially Islamic and Monotheistic Middle-Eastern civil wars.

The Greenygrey of Immigration and Multiculturalism 

Buddhist monk
Buddhist monk (Photo credit: echiner1)

As a vegetarian animal welfare and environment supporter I would welcome more Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism into British culture. I wish Hindus were trying to save British cows, which are sacred to them, but I never hear any such thing. I wish Buddhists were more vocal in trying to save all living creatures and the environment, but I never hear such a thing.

Similarly, Angry Anderson doesn’t believe in an omnipotent god, but attends Bahá’í services for their spirituality;  the spiritual unity of all humankind

I don’t know if it’s the British media coverage, but nearly all I seem to hear about is the Islamic halal, which seems a backward step for animal welfare. Although halal and the Jewish kosher are good news for pigs, as they don’t consider them clean, they also ban the stunning of animals; although it is not a major concern to me considering the poor conditions generally suffered by animals under intensive farming.

The Greenygrey of Angry Anderson 

Likewise, Angry Anderson has worked for wildlife but opposes a carbon tax, which he sees as a benefit to big business and a tax on the poor.

Whether we agree with all his political views or not doesn’t really matter. He’s using his mind within Australian political democracy, and as a single parent father of four, is providing a role model and hope for all those living in poverty who relate to him.

Here’s Angry singing in his band, Buster Brown, with Phil Rudd of AC/DC (Bon Scott/Bonzo Scottie’s band!). It was Angry’s first band, so he was probably full of dreams, and sounding a bit Rod Stewartish, already with Something to Say!:

Anyway, enough serious matter, and on with the Werewolf of Oz show:

Chapter 97.  Smiggin Holes, Holiculturist

I asked Smiggin for my hat back. It started handing it to me, and we both had a hold of it; but then it tried to grab it back, saying, ‘no, no, it’s mines, mines, it’s Smiggin’s hat.’

Magic of the Emerald Cork Hat

I tugged at the hat, but couldn’t break it free from Smiggin’s grip. While we grappled, heaps of other green objects fell from its person; I don’t know where they all came from.

English: The third hole
English: The third hole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I lost concentration, and Smiggin must have seen its chance, because it pulled at the hat with much more strength than anything previously. It freed the hat from my grip, and I fell back, landing in a grave-size hole that had just appeared behind me.

Angry helped me out of the hole. Elle was still holding Smiggin, using her body fantastically well.

I looked at Smiggin, it smirked back.

The Case of Smiggin Holes is Solved 

Smiggins Guthega Walk 22 - Trees
Smiggins Guthega Walk 22 – Trees (Photo credit: pyjama)

I asked Smiggin if it had anything to do with the hole. It continued smirking.

Angry approached me, and suggested that the ability to create holes would explain the second half of Maisie’s Smiggin Holes warning.

It all made sense now. I congratulated Angry on an impressive use of his mind.

Link for Amazon book and kindle.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

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Madonna and Marc Latham: Controversial Feminists

Hi, it’s Grey Greyvara, wrapping up women and feminism week at the Greenygrey. I just revisited the poejazzi website where Marc Latham has posted a couple of comments, and seen that they weren’t understood properly, or twisted around, so I thought I’d make clear our thoughts on women and feminism here at the Greenygrey.

Persecuted Women Inspired Feminist Blogging and Poetry

When Marc Latham started blogging, one of his first campaigns was against the Taliban treatment of Afghan women. That was before 9/11, and the War on Terror. Newspaper article in Farsi about Atefah's execution

As a socialist, Marc hoped the Taliban could be overthrown, and that would inspire more gender equality around the world.

Marc was also inspired by a BBC documentary in 2006 about the hanging of a troubled young Iranian girl, Atefah Sahaaleh, convicted of chastity offences after she’d been raped (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/5217424.stm).

Marc’s first Folding Mirror poem, written around 2007, and starting the fmpoetry.wordpress.com website in 2009 had this theme:

Stoned Free 

Comfort, Crying, Freedom,

Sold into slavery,

Beaten, Raped,

Unwanted by twenty,

Accused of immorality, Judged,

Guilty of course,

Jeering, Hatred,

Surrounded by men,

Pain, Confusion, Liberation.

Militant Islam Growth

However, Bush allowed the Taliban to recover from defeat, and to reclaim an originally Buddhist Afghanistan for militant Islam.

Moreover, militant Islam has spread into Pakistan, with the shooting of Malala Yousafzai by the Pakistan Taliban for wanting to attend school rekindling memories of the female Afghan teachers who risked death to teach girls behind close doors; defying the Taliban when they first gained power.

Saba Sahar

Last year, Channel Four’s Unreported World reported on Afghan film-makers led by Saba Sahar. She said that she risks daily death threats to continue filming, and that she faces certain death if the Taliban catch her (documentary description available at: http://goo.gl/QeWDkB).

Militant Islam has also spread around the Middle-East since the ‘Arab Spring’, and increasingly into Africa; some of it supported by the ‘West’; with women losing a lot of what rights they had under the old regimes. Last week two British women were attacked in Zanzibar in what looks like a Militant Islamic gender control operation.

Militant Islam Branded as Feminist in U.K. and Europe

I’m reluctant to post about brave Muslim women now, because in Britain and Europe Islam is being branded as ‘feminist’. People inspired by Mulala or Saba might become Muslims, and help the militant Islamic bandwagon propaganda of the fastest-growing religion; thereby ultimately helping the Taliban who would kill both of them if they could.

And because European Islamic feminism doesn’t seem to be led by the brave women and girls who want to learn, work and wear clothes with gender equality; it’s led by women who want to support the Taliban and other militant Islamic men in the Muslim world who dictate how ‘their’ women dress and behave.

Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto / La première mi...
Assassinated Pakistani Prime-Minister Benazir Bhutto  (Photo credit: Festival Karsh Ottawa)

A recent Channel Four news programme featured a British Muslim woman having travelled to Syria to find a martyr, because she couldn’t find one in the U.K. (which looked good for Muslim men in the U.K.); followed by ex-Apprentice businesswoman Saira Khan arguing with a Syrian journalist about women in the Middle-East; with the Syrian woman supporting more gender freedom and equality.

A lot of British people seem to have been brainwashed by New Labour’s multicultural fascism into supporting the most extreme kind of Islam, instead of trying to integrate Islam into twenty-first century Britain and Europe.

Britain and Europe was already far from gender equal before the mass introduction of the more sexist Muslim-led multiculturalism, and seems to have gone backwards rather than continuing to progress forwards.

That backward trend seems to be supported by Victorian-style cover-up-women feminists and the ‘militant left-wing Islamic faction’ gorgeous George Galloway groupies who will support anything anti-Western/American/Capitalist.

Madonna and Chime for Change

Madonna different to glamour models?

Madonna recently starred in the Chime for Change London concert, calling for freedom of education for all girls.

There is no place for werewolves in the campaign (although there was for Beyonce’s Jay-Z, despite his past ‘sexist’ lyrics) and I wonder how the cover-up-women feminists feel about Madonna being such a star at the concert, considering her use of sexuality and nakedness in her career.

I hope they succeed in their campaign, and the Greenygrey is happy to leave them to it. For poor British girls are now under attack from a sexism imported from the above culture. Not that it is new to the U.K., with The Mill television series showing it has been a part of British culture for centuries.

Leading nicely into working-class week at the Greenygrey: the second of the www Ws at the GG.

Dr. Marc Latham has books available on:
Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

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Omnishambles Oxford Dictionary Word of Year

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang. Catastrophically and totally undeservedly, greenygrey didn’t make the new version of the Oxford English Dictionary as a new word; despite my human parallel being the Oxford Press lexicographer.

More Omnishambles than Insider 

166:365 A certain je ne sais quoi P1410686
166:365 A certain je ne sais quoi P1410686 (Photo credit: tomylees)

The positive side is that it proves there’s no insider trading at the Greenygrey, and that we are still outsider werewolves. We think we’ve done all we can, and you lot have let us down by not using us enough; only joking, your readership keeps us alive.

Omnishambles was the word of the year, and we give it begrudging congratulations. Although its banality probably won it the award, it does also have a certain greenygrey je ne sais quoi.

Green-on-blue not Greenygrey  

je ne sais quoi
je ne sais quoi (Photo credit: Mike_tn)

Green made it into the dictionary on its own as part of the green-on-blue phrase for the Taliban trying to preserve their fascist, sexist, homophobic, child-assassinating (attempted), dancer-executing (achieved) and racist cult-ure by cowardly killing NATO soldiers while dressed as Afghan police.

After no new grey words made the dictionary, The Society of Grey Words accused the Oxford University Press of greycism.

Green Chooses Greenygrey Balance

English: Kick It Out logo
English: Kick It Out logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Green thought about boycotting the dictionary in support of the greycism campaign, but didn’t trust The Society of Grey Words’s intentions, and thinks they might be self-serving and prejudiced against other colour-words; thus harming the word-world for their own purposes.

Winston Churchill statue in London, Parliament...
Winston Churchill statue in London, Parliament Square. (Apparent duplicate of the statue at Churchill House, Australian National University, Canberra.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Green decided instead to enter the dictionary with the support of the more balanced (greenygrey) Grey It In campaign, to support the NATO mission in Afghanistan and play for the English team. The Greenygrey is quite happy to be included in any dictionary though; within reason.

Grey fully supported Green’s decision, thinking that the Oxford English Dictionary might not be perfect, but it’s better than most in the world, and there’s no point destroying something old and established just for the sake of it.

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Armistice Week Poem

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem interprets the cover of the new Doris Brendel album, The Last Adventure. 

Without hearing the lyrics of the album, or reading any of Brendel’s explanations, the image reminded Marc of Pink Floyd‘s Vera song, so he interpeted it from that perspective within the Folding Mirror form.

Vera Lynn a Female Churchill

Vera Lynn was a heroine in World War Two, travelling to entertain troops around the world, despite the grave danger to herself.  She was perhaps the female Churchill, in terms of raising spirits and keeping the country motivated during the terrible times it was suffering.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and Personal Loss

However, Lynn’s song lyrics that We’ll Meet Again of course didn’t always come true, in mortality at least, and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters lost his father in the war.  So, he sang from the loss point of view on The Wall album.

In Afghanistan, British forces are now fighting their deadliest and most justifiable conflict since World War Two against Al-Quaeda and the Taliban.  Many service people have lost their lives trying to improve conditions for ordinary Afghan people, and at the same time defending Britain from further terrorist attacks.   

Whether their lives have been wasted, as so many British lives were in World War One, or if they will have made a difference, like in World War Two, ultimately depends on the politicians involved.

Armistice Day is this Thursday, November 11.  Remembrance Sunday is on November 14.

Poem Explanation

The folding middle line appears at the top of the poem, with the two halves below it in a timeline, which is another first for the Folding Mirror form.

Vera, Pink Floyd, Doris