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Oz Great Powerful Sailing to Tasmania Epic Poem

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We thought you’d be on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what our Life of Pi-style boat-load of biodiversity were up to, so here’s the next exciting episode of your favourite werewolf fantasy-travels Australia by Google maps Wizard of Oz themed comedy-satire book; now not the newest version, after the release of Oz the Great and Powerful.

English: Map of surface geology of King Island...
English: Map of surface geology of King Island, Tasmania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the third of the Kangaroo Island to Tasmania tetralogy/quadrilogy epic poem(s), covering the King Island leg of the quintessential sea quest, and fifty-sixth chapter of the Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

We have another wonderful Werewolf of Oz werileak for you, with hot-off-the-press news that the fourth and final poem of the tetralogy/quadrilogy is planned for tomorrow!


Boatry Poetry is a Form of Libertree

Row, row, row the wave
surface of Davy Jones’s grave
we could sit back and relax
as roaring forties cut us some slack
not trousers to wear
but no rowing despair
as the wind behaved as it should
you know they say ‘well, it would’
sailing us towards Tasmania
I don’t know how to explain to ya
we just sat back and played cards
as the boat ate up the salt yards
it wasn’t long ’til we reached King Island
eating a Pearshape Egg Lagoon Currie by hand
shocked to see a Sea Elephant in Surprise Bay
but it was a fitting finale to a Bungaree day.

The clipper route followed by ships sailing be...
The clipper route followed by ships sailing between England and Australia/New Zealand passed around Cape Horn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Pearshape, Egg Lagoon, Currie, Sea Elephant, Surprise Bay and Bungaree are all King Island places. As are all the place names in the next poem.
Davy Jones’s Locker – sailor slang for sea.
Roaring Forties – strong westerly winds in the southern hemisphere, especially between latitudes 40-49, which is where Tasmania is situated.


werewolf of oz book cover

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Oz Storm Reminiscent of Kansassy Meets Tazzy

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We’re still riding the crest of the Oz the Great and Powerful wave here, reminding Grey of a catastrophic Kansassy storm on its epic comedy-fantasy journey across Oz; not to be mixed up with Grey’s original journey from the Greenygrey world to Oz, which was even more like the classic Kansas to Oz journey.

Another freaking storm
Another freaking storm (Photo credit: Garry – http://www.visionandimagination.com)

And funnily enough; and hopefully funnily enough for you; here’s the second of the Kangaroo Island to Tasmania tetralogy/quadrilogy literary nonsense epic poetry narrative of that very storm, and fifty-fifth chapter of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

Without foresight, writing of fives reminds me of the four by four question in the previous Werewolf of Oz blog. The four fours were: four travellers, four rocks in the image, the first of four poems and the Granduncle 4 image. Now, on with the fives… and twos:


Taz-tastic Treat for Two Times Two

For two days the storm did blow
waves and spray like driven snow,
we did our best to hold on tight
two to the left and brace to right.

Great barracuda hovering in the current at the...
Great barracuda hovering in the current at the Paradise Reef, Cozumel, Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barracuda and tuna flew past
as if fleeing from a deep line cast,
I began to fear all was surely lost
seeing a storm from a distant coast,
approaching at an incredible speed
I thought that’s all we need. 

Taz (Photo credit: Enokson)

But it was the storm it repelled
and with giant waves quelled
the new spinning fury did land on deck,
and when it calmed above the neck
we could clearly see it was cartoon Taz
along with his friends, Baz and Caz.



Tazzy (cartoon character and show).


werewolf of oz book cover

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Oz Great and Powerful Poetry: Four Times Four

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s that midweek time of what is known in Oz (the Werewolf of Oz Oz anyway, although Grey only just remembered it, and didn’t mention it in its book!) as the three-and-a-half-days-times-two or semi-fortnight; or in the human world as a week.

Talking of numbers, can you find the four four mentions in this blog? Just a little more f(o)u(r)n for you while reading this, if you can stand any more excitement..! Answers with the next Werewolf of Oz.

Granduncle 4 - Waking
Granduncle 4 – Waking (Photo credit: geminicollisionworks)

Literary Nonsense Poetry 

As you can see from the above paragraph, Grey doesn’t like to rush around, which is one reason why it stayed so long on Kangaroo Island.

It felt it needed to speed up its journey a little, with still no end to the dust sandy path in sight, but didn’t want to leave anything out.

Robe Journey Four by Four

Long Beach, Robe, South Australia [DSC_2728]
Long Beach, Robe, South Australia [DSC_2728] (Photo credit: peregrinari)
So Grey and its trio of travelling Tolkienistas moved up a gear from paltry prose to peed poetry with a tetralogy/quadrilogy (sorry to be technical, and yes, I just looked up the human word for one more than a trilogy on Wikipedia!) of literary nonsense poems covering their journey from Kangaroo Island to Tasmania, via King Island. Here’s the first of the tetralogy, and 54th chapter of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps:


Four Sail For Sale

We set sail for the port of Robe
not far across Oz in terms of globe
as we’d heard there were bargains
in a supermarket without chagrins.

But waves did suddenly rise
in a storm of enormous size,
we wondered where it had brewed,
fury of the worst bad mood;
before it declared its intention,
to sink us without hesitation,
and leave no trace
of our boat race.



boat race – slang for face.


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