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Cheryl Cole Tattoo Finds Michelle Keegan Agreeable

Hi, it’s Wolf Whitzer, intrepid newshound at the GGN Greenygrey News, in the style of Wolf Blitzer of CNN fame. This week saw Cheryl Tweedy‘s backside tattoo revealed, and the Greenygrey Quality Control team has now released its verdict after looking into it.

Cheryl Tweedy Tattoo Greenygreylicious

The Greenygrey Quality Control team reported: ‘While we don’t think such a big expensive tattoo is necessarily necessary it is: well crafted; a beautiful design; and most important of all, includes a sufficient amount of greenygrey to be classed as greenygrey.’

Cheryl Cole's tattoo design

Michelle Keegan celebrates her birthday at Shaka Zulu in Camden.
Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan is Very Agreeable 

The Greenygrey Quality Control Team has therefore found Michelle Keegan very agreeable, as Digital Spy reported from Now magazine (so this is third-hand news!) that the actress tweeted Tweedy (tweeting Tweedy is mine) that the tattoo ‘is “striking” and that it is up to her what she does to her own body. When I saw the pic of Cheryl Cole’s new bum tattoo, I tweeted her as I thought it was so unusual and striking.’

Cheryl Tweedy has not yet revealed that the tattoo is dedicated to the joining of Greenygrey and Rose Tattoo in Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

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Rose Tattoo’s Angry Anderson, Pete Wells and Songs

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s Sunday night and there’s only been one episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps this week, which can mean only one thing. Yes, another episode. This one is written around Rose Tattoo lyrics and members, as Angry talks about his life to Grey; as well as a funny misunderstanding involving Bonzo.

Cover of "Rose Tattoo"
Cover of Rose Tattoo


I asked Angry if he enjoyed living on Ramsay Street. He said the Neighbours were usually quite nice, but he didn’t feel like he fitted in that well. He’d seen a fight between the Butcher and Fast Eddy when he was young, and it made him into a Rock n’ Roll Outlaw. He’d become One of the Boys in a rock n’ roll band, and Nice Boys don’t play rock n’ roll, so he’d become a Bad Boy for Love. A guitarist called Pete had done well good supporting him on the slide, but then he’d had to leave, so Angry was recovering from another setback.
I suggested a Remedy for his situation was that he could come and Tramp with us.

Bonzer Bonzo 

View of Pin Oak Court, (also known as Ramsay S...
View of Pin Oak Court, (also known as Ramsay Street) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Angry said it sounded like a ‘bonzer idea.’
I said it was my idea not Bonzo’s.
Angry calmly pointed out that I’d misunderstood him; bonzer is Aussie slang for great.
I profoundly apologised, and was relieved that my misunderstanding did not change Angry’s mind. I said no more.
We left Ramsay Street to rejoin the others.


bonzer – Aussie slang for great.
Pete Wells was a founder and (slide) guitarist in Rose Tattoo. He died in 2006.
Rose Tattoo songs: Butcher and Fast Eddy, Rock n’ Roll Outlaw, One of the Boys, Nice Boys, Bad Boy for Love, Remedy, Tramp.


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