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British Politicians Big Pay Rise and Public Sector Greed

werewolf of oz book cover
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Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s the beginning of the weekend, so we think it’s time for the latest thrilling installment of the epic time-travel rock music through the decades with a central role for 1980s trash metal music story within a bigger story, with the bigger story told in Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps, which is now available on Amazon and lots of ereaders via Smashwords.

Terminator to Trash Target 

Cover of "The Terminator [Blu-ray]"
Cover of The Terminator [Blu-ray]
In this episode the Grunginator’s target is revealed, as the Terminator‘s target and reasoning were revealed long after it burst into the 1984 movie with gunfire and corny dialogue.

A background theme to the storyline is the demonising of the British working-class by New Labour, which was followed by much of the country until the New Labour and elite society charade was exposed by the economic collapse and widespread corruption.

British Politicians’ Big Pay Rise 

English: Crop of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brow...
English: Crop of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the WEF 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The British political elite are now set to reward their misbehaviour with a pay rise at a much bigger percentage of their wage than most people are receiving; with many workers hardly receiving anything, or taking pay cuts.

I think politicians are underpaid compared to £100,000+ public servants, but that’s because those public servants are grossly overpaid compared to most people and their value to the taxpayer.

The £100,000+ public servants should be taking a pay cut, rather than politicians having an inflation-busting increase to catch up with them!

The Irony of Seasick Steve Success 

English: Seasick Steve, playing at "Where...
English: Seasick Steve, playing at “Where the action is”, a music festival in Stockholm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Around the same time as the British working-class was being attacked to the point of abolition under New Labour’s ‘classless society’ spin, Seasick Steve became a darling of the liberal elite.

This was despite Steve being an American version of the British working-class considered not worthy of funding and defending by some of the new liberal elite; epitomised by Prime-Minister Gordon Brown.

If Seasick Steve had been a British child in the 1950s he might have been sent to Australia like some of the Homes children that inspired the exiling of Grey at the start of this story.

Not that injustices don’t also happen in the American system, and some British people of course receive an acceptance in other countries that they don’t receive in their own.

Anyway, that’s enough seriousness for a fun sun friday in Blighty, and here’s the latest Werewolf of Oz episode, which also stars a good LA rock band that didn’t quite make it big:

Chapter 84.  Love/Hate are Wasted, and the Target is Revealed

The seasick looking guitarist passed us and walked half way down the alley. He had just started singing that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and that he had been born with nothing and still had most of it left, when he was sent flying back past us by a gunshot to the stomach. My shock was compounded moments later when I heard a voice say, ‘We don’t want no old trash in the future.’

Even Dizzy looked surprised. He whispered that he thought the Grunginator was out of control, as it was only programmed to kill trash metal bands; before saying we’d better scarper. So we raced down another alley in the opposite direction, and into a red room.

Meeting Love/Hate suffering a Blackout in the Red Room 

Blackout in the Red Room
Blackout in the Red Room (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some musicians were suffering a Blackout in the Red Room; the room had an American decor, so it was obviously Love/Hate. It wasn’t hard to recognise them, as they were famous for getting Wasted in America. We tried to warn them about the Grunginator, but couldn’t awaken them.

A shadow at the door looked ominously like the Grunginator, so we continued running in the other direction, leaving Love/Hate to their fate. A few moments later, we heard several shots ring out in the room we’d just left. I guessed Love/Hate had once again been Wasted.


Angry Revealed as Target 

As we ran down the corridor I glimpsed a billboard poster on the wall. It drew my attention because Angry was featured on it. The poster advertised Angry making a special guest appearance with Guns N’ Roses at the Whiskey a Go-Go. The date had been scratched off, so I asked Dizzy when it was supposed to be happening.

After a few seconds of thought he said, ‘Of course, that’s it, tonight’s the night when Angry inspires the LA metallers; propelling them into the 1990s. It’s the Guns N’ Roses concert with Angry guesting that the Grunginator is programmed to target. We’ve got to escape the Grunginator and get Angry to the concert somehow, or it’ll be all over for trash metal.’

Wow, I thought, our Angry is a rock n’ roll star.



Seasick Steve songs: Started Out With Nothing, You Can’t Teach An Old Dogs New Tricks.
Love/Hate songs: Blackout in the Red Room, Wasted in America.

Smashwords for multiple ereaders.


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Terminator Time Travel Werewolf of Oz Theme

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We travelled over sea and mountain looking for ol’ Wolfhol, but alas to no avail; and then when we returned there was another postcard on this blog bearing ol’ Wolfhol’s distinctive and seemingly impossible to forge aW signature.

Werewolf of Oz Rock Time-Travel Tale werewolf of oz book cover

Sorry that our wild werewolf wild goose chase kept us from bringing you your usual quota of your favourite veggie werewolf travels Australia to a Wizard of Oz theme comedy satire epic classic Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

After the last episode saw the travellers enter the Kerang-Kerrang time-travel town in the 1980s, and Bonzo leaving the adventure, this episode sees Bonzo return; but only for a short visit, with a warning of terrible danger, leading to a Terminator movie theme, and references ranging from the Battle of Waterloo to Faster Pussycat.

Chapter 82.  Terminator Livens Up Kerang-Kerrang

The four of us travelled farther into 1980s Kerang-Kerrang. We missed Bonzo, but knew the journey must continue.

Ale Hail Denim and Leather 

Rainbow lorikeet in Victoria, Australia.
Rainbow lorikeet in Victoria, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The streets were full of people wearing denim and leather. The colourful patches sewn onto the backs of the denim supported a mix of traditional and new bands: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Rainbow were common names representing the former, while Saxon, Iron Maiden and Def Leppard were the most popular of the latter.

We strolled down Festivals Street, frequenting the Reading Rocks and Monsters of Rock bars; before moseying along Concert Alley and stopping off in the Bandwagon, Queens, Sophia, Marquee and Apollo.

Bonzo Catches Up with us in LA

Then we headed over to the LA district. As afternoon became evening we found ourselves on Sunset Boulevard. We were getting peckish, so headed over to the Rainbow Bar and Grill, where a promising band called Faster Pussycat was playing.

We’d just polished off some veggie raindogs when Bonzo rushed in. It was a nice surprise and fantastic to see him, but it looked like something was amiss.

English: AC/DC with Bon Scott.
English: AC/DC with Bon Scott. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bonzo said he’d remembered something from when he fainted that might be relevant to us: when he was unconscious he dreamt of a robot that would Shoot to Thrill trying to kill us. He couldn’t remember anything else, so didn’t know why or when.

We thanked him for his consideration, and started catching up with all our other news over a few drinks. A couple of hours later it was unfortunately time to say our goodbyes once again, and we all waved Bonzo Back in Black.

Grunge Terminator Shoots Down the Band 

Cover of "The Terminator [Blu-ray]"
Cover of The Terminator [Blu-ray]
We had just finished discussing Bonzo’s vision, and were asking each other why we hadn’t heard more of Faster Pussycat in rock history, when I noticed a lone grungeman walk in looking like something out of another time. The next thing, he started shooting at the band, and didn’t take long to turn it into a House of Pain.

Then he looked around to where we were sitting and took aim at us. Just when I thought we’d met our Waterloo, Dizzy Reed suddenly jumped into the space between us and starting shooting out November Rain from his portable keyboard.

The ’90s trash metal classic startled the grungeman, and that gave Dizzy enough time to usher us out the back. We emerged into an alley, and for the moment at least, made good our escape. I had a momentary sense of relief, but it was tempered by the nagging thought: What the hell is going on!



Grunge music emerged out of Washington state in the late 1980s, and went global in the early 1990s.
Trash metal emerged out of LA in the 1980s, mixing metal, punk and glam. It was later lumped in with ‘hair metal’.
The Battle of Waterloo in 1815 was Emperor Napoleon’s last battle.
Bands, concert halls and festivals explained within the narrative.
House of Pain is a Faster Pussycat song.
November Rain is a Guns N’ Roses song.
Dizzy Reed is the Guns N’ Roses keyboardist.



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