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One Morning’s Century of Thought

I have a confession. I have been brewing coffilosophy in other kitchens of thought, in this great mansion of social media, within the community of www. Then this morning a story about a space mission that will take forty years compounded my thoughts on time being the best teacher. If that mission is a success, then the people who are around then, and know its results, will know much more about our existence than the deepest searching thinkers of today and the past.

Doors of Perception: Time is the Top Teacher (T3)

People like Aldous Huxley, who inspired The Doors band name. I’m just playing their 1968 L.A. concert on YouTube. When The Doors and other 1960s counter-culture bands were doing most of their searching, humanity hadn’t landed on the moon yet, with that taking place in 1969; if you believe NASA and the astronauts.

So when you think of all the knowledge we’ve acquired about space, and our existence within it, in the last fifty years; such as icy moons around Jupiter and Saturn that provide a good chance of life, if we can get probes there, with missions planned in the next decade; then we’ve gone some way to answering some of the questions Jim Morrison was wondering about, and searching for through mental searching, sometimes involving stimulants.

Neuroscience has answered many others, with brain scanning particularly helpful.

Of course mental searching can provide insight into yourself, and clues as to the rest of humanity, if you believe we are all alike in some ways.

I could’ve written a Folding Mirror poem about it, but think/know I’ve written some similar ones before, both our time in the present between past and future, and the advances in astronomy and neuroscience mirroring each other.

In line with the trend of abbreviating and imaging everything, I did think seeing around a century of thought could be reduced to the image:  See the source imagevia the acronym: ICT.

For more SPG (self-proclaimed genius, not to be confused with its acronym anagram PSG: Paris Saint Germain) at the most bargainist price possible, see:

Poem and Reflection on Self and Society

Today’s reflection from 242 Mirror Poems  and Reflections is about communication, with Dr. Marc Latham having gained his PhD in Communications Studies. It reflected a mirror poem on fmpoetry.wordpress.com with the rather long title of:

I Am What You See
But You Are Not Me
Six Billion + of You
Myself – Only a Few

Poetic Inspiration 

English: Brothers' Parting Stone Marked by a m...
English: Brothers’ Parting Stone Marked by a metal sign and has a poem carved into the rock. The poem is impossible to read. Canon Rawnsley (1888) caused the stone to be recognised as a commemoration to the last parting of William Wordsworth and his brother John at Micaelmas 1800. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetic correspondent at the Greenygrey, inspired by the legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth.

Marc Latham was an independent writer and poet trying to stop Britain becoming a polluted slave society again like in Victorian times. He didn’t think he’d succeed.

Independent Poets and Songwriters

The book also cites Motley Crue‘s song Merry-Go-Round, with the poem following the California independent rebel narrative from Beat culture through The Doors to LA heavy metal and thrash.

While Vince Neil was the Motley Crue frontman, and Tommy Lee got the headlines going out with Pamela Anderson, Nikki Sixx was the main songwriter, and has also written some books.

Mind Dreams 

Nikki Sixx
Cover of Nikki Sixx

The poem title also references multiple personalities, as Marc was investigating his own psyche at the time, as well as that of modern society.

I don’t think Marc is a mixed-up schizophrenic any more, having found peace in psychopathy from what I can see… but my opinion might contradict that viewpoint… perhaps reflecting complex society… maybe it’s enlightenment… the people certainly don’t see their invisibility… oh, it’s all so greenygrey!

Vinnie Jones made it to Hollywood
but is now battling skin cancer,
the peaks of careers all contain
mines rhymed with disaster.

Here’s the poetic reflection:

Reflection 7

As travel is supposed to change people, it changes words and sentences too. What is meant by the communicator is often changed through relay: whether it is a spoken conversation amongst friends, or a person making a public statement.

Smashwords cover

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