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New Evidence of Wolfophobia in TV Advert

Hi, it’s Grey. I have been hearing of a growing wolfophobia in 2012, and today I saw it with my own eyes. I heard Celebrity Big Brother had wolfophobic games in the show, and The Grey film showed wolves in a false light. This is disappointing after I caught up with 2011’s Frozen Planet documentary series showing real wolves to be brave, caring and resilient; as they struggle to survive in the planet’s extremities.

Three Little Pigs Theme Used by Go Compare

Go Compare already has a reputation for naff adverts. I read on the Metro website that the company’s adverts were voted the most annoying two years running: in 2009 and 2010 .

The Three Little Pigs theme, which was also used in Celebrity Big Brother, is used by Go Compare to depict a human saving the pigs from a wolf. The wolf seems to represent the greedy people who have threatened the British economy.

Go Compare Advert Peddles a False Reality

While the Go Compare advert seems to be trying to send the message that it can be trusted, it is of course using a false reality.

The truth is that pigs have been manufactured by humanity out of boars, which are strong intelligent creatures, and not just the walking bacon and pork many people now see when they look at a pig. Therefore, it is humanity that has done most harm to pigs and their ancestors.

And rather than the wolf being greedy and destructive, it is humanity that has destroyed large areas of the world, including many homes of the wolf. Here’s the advert, followed by the new one by their Compare the Market rivals. We love the Orlovs!

Celebrity Big Brother Wolfophobia Works, Video Killed the Loris

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonthehill. I thought our Andy Wolfhol was taken artistic license when he complained about wolfophobia on last week’s Celebrity Big Brother, where they had tasks with a fairy tale theme. These included a big bad wolf in Red Riding Hood and Three Little Pigs.

Wolfophobia from Show to Contestant

But on Tuesday’s highlights, one of the twins (Kristina I think) was talking about Denise in an negative way, and said she was like the big bad wolf. I doubt if she’d have thought of that analogy before the task, but about two weeks later it was still resonating in her mind when she was looking for a negative description. I hope you haven’t been affected in a similar way.

Video and Human Kindness Killed the Slow Loris

I watched a sad Natural World documentary on the BBC last night about the slow loris’s struggle to survive extinction. While humanity is largely to blame, it is mainly through kindness and empathy. They are very cute animals, like us werewolves, and when someone put a video of one being tickled up on YouTube it went viral, and then lots of people wanted one as a pet.

That was where the kindness ended, and callous greed took over. Many were taken out of the wild, and died while being transported in small suffocating cages. Others had their sharp teeth pulled out with pliers.

They are predators, and can have damaging fights with each other, but the biggest danger to their survival is the global demand for them as pets.

It’s available until 14th March in the UK on the Natural World link above or BBC address below. Don’t know about other availability. http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b01bcp7z/

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Celebrity Big Brother Wolf Fairy Tales and David Hockney Art

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol, with a TV update. There’s some good and bad news from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Our fellow double initial twins are safe for another week, but there was some wolfophobia the last couple of nights, with housemates doing tasks based on fairytales.

Wolf Demonised in Big Brother Fairy Tales

Yes, you guessed it, this meant fending off a grey big bad wolf that has been used to demonise the brave and resilient wolf (big wild dog) for centuries.

The big bad wolf was used in Red Riding Hood and Three Little Pigs tasks. It is unlikely to lead to anti-wolf hysteria in the UK, as wild wolves were wiped out here over two centuries ago.

David Hockney sees Colour in the Countryside

Also, David Hockney, who reminds me of me, was shown on Countryfile this week creating lots of colourful art out of mainly greenygrey scenery. We like this at the Greenygrey, as we don’t like to overwork! A brilliant sunset last night created lots of great colour to let us clock off a little earlier than usual.

The programme is available until 19.29 this sunday in the UK; don’t know about other availability. If you can’t see the programme, a lot of Hockney’s art is available to view online with a David Hockney paintings google search, and a couple are copied below for your convenience.

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