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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Parody Comedy Worked For Me!

Goop products have worked for me, Dr. Marc Latham. My hair was balding and greying until using Goop, and now look at me:

Self-Parody Hilarity

No, the above is an example of my brilliant self-parody comedy, that went over the heads of most people most of my life, making me seem boastful or deluded, rather than a comedy genius along the lines of Peter Sellers or Tommy Cooper.

Sorry if I built your hopes up about Goop, and that is really Gwyneth Paltrow in the photo.

Critical Writer of PhD Standard

This is also an example of greenYgreyism at its most intricate, and admittedly confusing to the average person, who believes in supporting who they like without criticism, and doing the opposite with those they don’t.

While I like Gwyneth Paltrow’s look and healthy living attitude, and generally think she’s doing good, the article I saw this morning that inspired this blog is a negative one, after Goop was criticised for making misleading advertising claims.

I think the main lesson this teaches is the danger of companies becoming too big and profit driven, with targets etc taking over from the original good intentions.

Great greenYgrey

That’s one reason why I kept the greenYgrey to me only: so I could control it to its original intentions, and not let it be turned into something it wasn’t.

It doesn’t seem to have done me much good though, and those who were unethical, like Russell Brand, were rewarded by mainstream society and the ‘counter-culture’ that’s supposed to be rebelling against it!

Hopefully some of the greenYgrey messages got through in the end, but I don’t know if it was the greenYgrey or just other factors. That era, started by New Labour, is over now, and some of those problems have been made better… but others have surfaced… like the human ‘fault lines’ reminiscent of geological ones I wrote a poem about on this site over six years ago.

Political Opportunity Missed

I think if New Labour had kept immigration under control and turned Blighty into a nice green environmental country reminiscent of Scandinavian ones most of the problems we’ve been struggling against this century wouldn’t have happened.

Yet our leaders continue to think we must have some mission, and make life difficult for everyone; that when things seem nice and quiet we need another challenge, either challenging the ‘bad guys’ abroad or letting in millions to the country.

Do they not realise that they are allied to ‘bad guys’, such as Saudi Arabia, and that there are a lot of ‘bad guys’ coming into the country… including our elite schools and universities, where many of the world’s dictators have studied… and looked down at people like me!

On the other side we have the far left wanting to change everything, which will mean another five or ten years of upheaval and discord; just to take the country back to the previous century! I don’t want fascism, but they don’t make democracy look good!

World Evolving from Greenygrey Source to Pink Bedroom?

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, still head honcho @ Greenygrey Creation in the absence of Andy Wolfhol. While ol’ Wolfhol was considered an artistic genius, I am widely considered to be the Tommy Cooper of art in the Greenygrey world. Cooper was a comedian that used magic tricks in his act; doing them badly, but sometimes making them work.

The Magic Act Behind this Blog Evolution

Although you will receive this blog as a finished product, hopefully enjoying it, but probably not considering it that amazing among all the amazing things in the world wide web, there is a little more amazingness about how it evolved… into a blog about evolution.

It started off as an emorfes blog images round-up, but then I thought I’d add the Greek helmet evolution image, and then remembered the greenygreyness of the Source Code movie, and then the B&Q greenygrey/pink image advert.

Then, when I had them all in mind I noticed an evolution theme to the three additional photos, so saved the emorfes for another day. Here’s the other photos, and an additional Chicago canal one. I hope you think the magic worked, and you enjoy them.

The Source Code

I was amazed at how greenygrey Chicago’s streets and canals looked in the recently watched movie Source Code; in fact, although I’ve been there, I didn’t even know Chicago had canals!:

Chicago canal.

Moreover, I didn’t know at the time that a poster advertising Source Code was even greenygreyier!:

Source Code movie poster.

Greek Helmets Evolution

I’d also watched a documentary about Greek civilisation, and saw their helmets remained largely greenygrey through their evolution:

Greek Helmet Evolution

B&Q Advert Evolution

Moreover, in a B&Q advert they depict the evolution of a bedroom from unloved to unbelievable as being from greenygrey to pink!:

B&Q Advert.

We hope you loved and believed this blog!!

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Mirror Image Photos provide Ideal Reflections

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. The human world didn’t end yesterday, on December 21st, like some people claimed from interpreting the Mayan calender, but something extraordinary did happen in the Greenygrey world this week. Yes, it was an honour to witness Andy Wolfhol at work, creating his extraordinary Week-long Winter Solstice Cycle.

Art of Magic

Tommy Cooper
Cover of Tommy Cooper
Like a Rolf Harris painting that develops out of nothing, or a Tommy Cooper magic trick that works, we think ol’ Wolfhol pulled that one off, and proved he’s still got what it takes to create extraordinary works of art.

I was still reflecting on it when I started reading Carrie Clark’s 46 quotes for reflection in 2012 article for Matador Network.

The article has lots of great mirror images combined with inspiring quotes. Moreover, many of them are greenygrey. Picking out my favourites reminded me of my Greenygrey debut, when greenygrey bridges were the subjects. Here’s my favourite greenygrey images from the article:


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