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reclaim rainbow: POETRY PHILOSOPHY 5 MORE

Humanity sells rainbows only way it
can; can’t can; can
market and advertise, creating logo copies for impressionable eyes!
Reclaim the rainbow:
4 hetero 2, high or low;
never touching Earth for capture;
nobody’s possession,
free of humanity’s obsession.

TV taught me comedy,
TV told me to think freely,
TV opened my eyes to astronomy,
now TV says all wrong – wonky wokery!

I see trees full of leaves again;
birds enjoying bountiful scran.
Rich say nature’s in decline,
but flaunt their fatuity, so fine!

Sky forever,
whatever weather!
Humanity can’t understand/spoil it all;
neverending sprawl;
spinning info that seems beyond control!

Death becomes you, when life leaves, leafless trees, hairless bodies, sun dried, decaying to earth, threading rebirth, thrown free

Autumn Leaves Fall Earth

Thanks for your visits and responses to the Autumn/Fall leaves poem. I found a few leaves with those colours today. I think I remember seeing one with all the colours last week. Here’s a few photos of the leaves, assisted by my beloved partner, sun… and Earth and trees too of course!

Nature Photos and Images from Google+

As yesterday’s XaW Files had mostly animals and birds, and some natural environment, today’s fourth batch of five files focuses on the Natural Environment. This of course provides bird and animal life a home.

There are  some animals and birds in the photos; or just birds and butterfly to be exact; although one mountain looks like an elephant, as the Greenygrey often looks like a wolf.

Nature Photos and Images

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. Today’s XaW Files contain lots of nature photos from the Googlesphere with one thing in common; well, there may be more than one, but I’ve only looked for one; and that’s that they are all greenygrey.

The captions contain the names of those who posted them on Google+.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the fifth and final batch of the XaW Files.

Bernd. F on Google+

Rupert Kogler on Google+

Justin Matthew on Google+

John Brody on Google+

dimka angelova on Google+

Raven Partida on Google+

Dalibor Pačić on Google+

Stefanie Schächtel on Google+

Maşuğa Rabıta on Google+

Caro X on Google+

delano lex on Google+

Philippe Avenel on Google+

Emma Maxwell on Google+

Dubie Bacino on Google+

Helen Nikola on Google+

Caro X

nimish raiyani

Just Relax…


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Lake, Trees, Sky, Green, Grey Nature Photos

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol. I have been knocked out by Diane’s photos at Life as I see it. The photos are from Nova Scotia, Canada, and show a beautiful unspoilt land of free animals and abundant foliage. I couldn’t help noticing a trio of excellent greenygrey ones, so I thought I’d bring them into the Greenygrey world for you to view.

P.S. We’re expecting the final part of the epic Werewolf of Oz final battle poem trilogy tomorrow, and will post them all up here when they are ready. Cheers.

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Best Photos of 2011 in Amazing(ly Greenygrey) New Video

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol.  Our best of 2011 greenygrey photos proved so popular with us, that we made a fantastic new free video containing lots of greenygrey photos, and released it onto YouTube without further ado.

Dedicated to the Doors

I’ve also copied it below for your convenience. As the Jim Morrison documentary recently inspired a fabulous new FM poem on the fmpoetry site I’m dedicating the video to the Doors. Here’s the new free video, enjoy!:

Poem of Aerodynamic Samaras in Autumn Skies

This is a triple samara or seed, from a sycamo...
Image via Wikipedia

The seeds of Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem have been spinning around in his mind since last autumn, when he saw what he knew as a ‘helicopter’ flying down from tree to Earth.
Autumn Skies Provide Inspiration for Poetry
It was on a nice sunny day walking on Otley Ridge funnily enough, where J.M.W. Turner is thought to have found the inspiration to paint Hannibal Crossing the Alps during very different weather; a thunder storm.
After a little research (mostly on wikipedia) for the poem, Marc learnt that the ‘helicopters’ are seed carrying fruits more scientifically known as samaras, and other ‘nicknames’ include whirlybird, spinning jenny and polynose.  These helped form the lower half of the poem.  Here it is:
Autumn Air Spins Summer Samaras to Equinox Earth
in spring we emerged up high
branches provided home and shelter
all summer we drew strength from the sun
seeds of elm and hoptree in the centre
maple and ash to one side
hidden away amongst leaves
mostly unnoticed
until the time arrives to release and fly
sad to leave, but we carry future growth
from  the canopy we are freed for one flight
spin for distance, more wind means greater range
each of us flying to provide future trees
delighting humanity
whirlybird on strong wind
helicopter rotates in a dizzy state
spinning jenny dances in tune with the season
polynose dives down en masse seeming to race
to Earth’s cradle we fall
and rest hoping our seed survives

Snowcatcher: the Film of the Poem

Marc Latham’s epic Folding Mirror poem, Snowcatcher: Cradler of Cosmic Latte , has now been adapted into an epic film by leading werewolf director and celebrity, the greenygrey, or as it is known in the movie world, greenygrey3.

The epic film, titled: Snowcatcher and the Swans, has been rush released onto youtube before the snow melts.

Hope it compliments the poem for you, and provides evidence of Snowcather in action.