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New York Storm Protection New Designs

New York is set to enjoy a beautiful weather weekend, but is prone to suffering from hurricanes in the summer and fall/autumn. Now, the city has innovated lots of new ideas and designs to help cope with the destructive storms, and I’m delighted to say that all twelve reported by David Nield in an MSN article had elements of the greenYgrey elements in them.

New York Storm Protection

Hi, it’s Wolf Whitzer, intrepid satirical comedy newshound at the greenYgrey inspired by CNN legend Wolf Blitzer.

A lot of the grey in the images could of course be considered positive or negative, with the weather natural or destructive, and the concrete protective or destructive. Moreover, the yellow in the images isn’t usually in line with the yellow promotion in the greenYgrey trying to bring a bright new sunny image.

As there’s twelve images on the MSN site, I thought six of the best would be a suitable number to import into the greenYgrey world, because six is half of twelve. Here they are:

new york storm scape6 new york storm scape7 new york storm scape new york storm scape2 new york storm scape4 new york storm scape5

Islamists Deserve Nazi Comparison: But Which Ones?

The Al-Shabab attack on Nairobi, Kenya‘s Westgate shopping centre is a reminder about who Western leaders are helping in Syria. While the Syrian conflict is terrible for innocent civilians, the ‘West’ should not provide any help to rebels containing al-Quaeda elements. Their ‘help’ would soon filter down to groups like Al-Shabab, and other groups trying to Islamise Africa.

Hi, it’s Wolf Whitzer, intrepid satirical comedy newshound at the Greenygrey with an unfortunately very serious news report.

Framing Syria in History

English: A volcano called Syria
English: A volcano called Syria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While Western leaders were trying to build support for action against Assad in Syria they framed the conflict with WWII historical references.

Top British and American leaders compared their decision on Syria to that which the Allies faced with the Nazis in 1938: warning of the dangers of appeasement, and Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons to the Nazis’ gassing of nearly 6 million people during World War II.

Al-Shabab Kenya Attack Shows Syria Complexity 

However, even if Assad did use chemical weapons there is no good side in Syria to support, with the rebels infiltrated by Islamic Fundamentalists like the Al-Shabab who attacked Nairobi, Kenya‘s Westgate shopping centre this weekend. 

Their singling out of non-Muslims (the inferior kafir non-believers, white and non-white to Islamists) for execution is reminiscent of the Nazis’ persecution of undesirables, and should awaken those thinking of helping them in Syria up to the reality of who they would be supporting.

Al-Quaeda are the Nazis to be Isolated

Assad’s Syrian government might have similarities to the Nazis, but the al-Quaeda inspired rebels have more; and more hatred of non-Muslim kafirs.

We should remember that we (non-Muslims) are all considered inferior to them, and they want to martyr themselves because they believe they are going somewhere better; somewhere very similar to the Christian heaven written in the bible about 500 years before their heaven became known.

The ‘West’ should view all al-Quaeda groups like the Nazis before World War II, and not provide any appeasement or support to them. That means staying out of Syria.

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Great and Powerful Women Wear Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Paco Wolfsang, with a greenygrey comedy-satire fashion round-up. Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno is out covering some big bash somewhere.

Michelle Obama Fashion Icon

We were all recently delighted to see the United States‘s first lady Michelle Obama enjoying wearing a greenygrey outfit:



Oz’s Great Powerful Prime-Minister 

The current Prime-Minister of the human Oz, Australia, Julia Gillard, is also in touch with her greenygrey side(s), and shows the numerous ways to utilise clothes and accessories to create that magnificent media-friendly greenygrey magic:

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New Cloud Formation Reminds us of the Good in Greenygrey:

Hi, it’s Michael Wolf, weatherperson at the Greenygrey. As Britain seems to be under one big cloud today, with the ubiquitous grey sky dominating the scenery if you forget to look down and include the green below; which, by the way, is now starting to become complemented by gorgeous autumn colours. Yes, Green is starting to unwind now, after a busy summer, and let others work with Grey for the next half-year.

Michael Fish presents a weather forecast in 1974.
Michael Fish presents a weather forecast in 1974. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Agitated Wave Cloud Formation

Some of you might be agitated now, if you’ve had to go out into the pouring rain, so we thought we’d cheer you up with news that there might be a new cloud formation on the horizon, which the Independent reports as the undulatus asperatus (agitated wave).

TheIndependent reports that the Cloud Appreciation Society has been working to get a cloud formation classed as the first new variety recognised since 1951, and the image of it from pretty Perthshire in the Independent and on the CAS website shows it is a magnificent example of how beautiful we think the Greenygrey can look in its best light:

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Werewolf of Oz is more realistic than The Grey

;Original title: "Roping gray wolf,"...
Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonthehill.  I saw a trailer for a film called The Grey today, and thought it might be about our Grey, currently starring in the Werewolf of Oz, as it has been involved in such an incredibly epic soloish ramble for over a year.

The Grey is not about our Grey

As it turned out, I was doubly disappointed.  Not only is it not about our Grey, but it looks like it is about some humans trying to survive in Alaska with wolves attacking them.

I have only seen a trailer, so might be getting it wrong, and maybe the film will have a more understanding message about wolves than it looks.

The Human-Wolf Relationship is the Reverse

Hopefully most people will know that wolf attacks on humans are very rare, while wolves have been exterminated in most parts of the world with any sizeable population of humans, and have now moved to the harsh fringes of the world to try and survive.

Although we support the right to make such a film under freedom of speech, we just hope it won’t do to wolves what Jaws did to sharks.  Defenders of Wildlife are having enough trouble trying to save wolves from further persecution without films that may demonise them.

Alaska is a Battleground for Wildlife

It is also ironic that it is set in Alaska, as some members of the state have tried to continue the aerial shooting of wildlife after most states complied with it being made illegal in 1971.

On the Defenders of Wildlife website page about aerial gunning they report:

In March 2011, The US Fish and Wildlife Service announced its decision not to allow the State of Alaska to kill wolves on Unimak Island, a part of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. The decision was underpinned by sound science…

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American Nomads on the BBC, Reminder of Rambles for Me

Cover of "American Nomads: Travels with L...
Cover via Amazon

Hi, it’s Green.  I watched a cool documentary about American Nomads recently by Richard Grant (cover of a book he wrote on the subject featured here).

It reminded me of my North American rambles with Grey, so I thought I’d share it with you here today.  We have requested our North American rambles be made into a free ebook, so hopefully that’ll happen soon.

The American Nomads documentary is available in the UK until December 8th from the link below, or via the BBC iplayer if you prefer to go directly there.  I don’t know about other possibilities.

American Nomads on the BBC.

Programme Information on the BBC:

Beneath the America we think we know lies a nation hidden from view – a nomadic nation, living on the roads, the rails and in the wild open spaces. In its deserts, forests, mountain ranges and on the plains, a huge population of modern nomads pursues its version of the American dream – to live free from the world of careers, mortgages and the white picket fence.

When British writer Richard Grant moved to the USA more than 20 years ago it wasn’t just a change of country. He soon found himself in a world of travellers and the culture of roadside America – existing alongside, but separate from, conventional society. In this film he takes to the road again, on a journey without destination.

In a series of encounters and unplanned meetings, Richard is guided by his own instincts and experiences – and the serendipity of the road. Travelling with loners and groups, he encounters the different ‘tribes’ of nomads as he journeys across the deserts of America’s south west.

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American Road Movies Documentary is Quality

North America: orthographic projection, based ...
Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Green.  I watched a great documentary by Rich Hall this week about American road movies, and it brought back memories of our Greenygrey Rambles across North America, which became an epic fantasy road book; when I was of course still one half of a full muddled superpower filled vegetarian werewolf with Grey.

Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters

The road movies documentary not only reminded me of my rambles with Grey, but also Grey’s solo rambles in Oz, which have reached epic proportions after over a year on the road.

Rich Hall does a pretty good job describing and analysing American road movies, although I was disappointed Thunderbolt and Lightfoot was not included, as I think it was a better film and fit than some of the movies included.

Watching Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters

Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters is available on BBC iplayer in the UK until 29th November.  It seems to be streaming on other sites if you are in other parts of the world or reading this after that date.
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Billy Connolly’s Route 66 Meeting with Wolves

Eastern wolves at Wolf Science Center, Ernstbr...
Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Green.  Here at the Greenygrey, one of our favourite activities is trying to defend wolves, which are of course half of what us werewolves are made of. Of course, the average human has more care and compassion than the average wolf, but wolves can be very loving and playful too, showing many of the same characteristics that make us and our pet dogs feel empathetic towards each other.  And comparing the human and wolf as species, there is no doubt which has been the most destructive.

Billy Connolly meets Wolves on Route 66

It was therefore nice to see Billy Connolly, who previously followed Grey and I’s original epic Rambles across Canada for a documentary series, seeing the softer and more timid side of wolves when he visited a wolf reserve in Missouri in his current rambling documentary Billy Connolly’s Route 66.

Connolly was shocked that the wolves were so wary of humans even within their enclosures, and said that all horror stories about them are rubbish. The wolf feature starts about 12:30 into the programme.

The video is available until mid-October in the UK; don’t know if it’s available elsewhere.

Thanks to Connolly and the programme makers for the wolf time.

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