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Green and Grey Nature Images

Goodness gracious great balls of greenygrey. Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol, after all my years working in the greenygrey field of arts I am amazed to find myself still amazed by some of the greenygrey creations I find around the world.

Wai O Tapu Thermal Wonderland

Lucy Dodsworth took some immaculate images at the Wai O Tapu (Sacred Waters in Maori) thermal wonderland in Rotorua in New Zealand, including some greenygrey ones like the one below, and posted them on her ontheluce blog. We just love that green at the Greenygrey.

Mexican Giant Tree Frog

From sublime scenery to sticky surface in sweltering surroundings, the greenygrey knows no bounds. Over on the other side of the world, Russell Ray took this  photo of a contemplative greenygrey coloured Mexican giant tree frog in greenygrey surroundings and shared it on his russellrayphotos blog.

Thanks again to Lucy and Russell for capturing the essence of greenygrey from around the world.

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