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Holly Wallaby? Comforting Comedy for Celebrity Juice Holly Willoughby Fans

Holly Willoughby Celebrity Juice fans had some bad news this week, with HW pulling out of the show, putting it at risk of ending. This blog post provides similar humour, that I thought of before that news.

Introducing Holly Wallaby (Willoughby):

A combination of posting about Holly Willoughby and the Werewolf of Oz (WoO) ebook being free to download on Smashwords until the end of the month; and Frank Skinner reminding me of Shaggy, and how the real town of Humpty Doo in Australia became a combo of Humpty Dumpty and Scooby Doo in WoO inspired me to think of combining Willoughby and wallaby for Holly Wallaby!
WoO did of course star another hoochie coochie Holly: Miss Valance, who became Mrs. Candy that year (2012). The Wizard of Oz theme travellers encountered a Simpsons/South Park-style Holly Valance in the real town of Riddell’s Creek, inspiring the Best and Scrumptious Bubble and Squeak riddle storyline, previously posted on this very website.
Best of luck to them all, and I hope you enjoy the image/book if you hear of them!!

Animal Photos Help Remember More Greenygrey Times

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Most of Britain has been enduring most ungreenygrey weather this week, and our virtual postbag has been inundated with requests for some greenygrey to help Britain through these sunny warm times of limited greenygrey. We’re glad to oblige, and here’s some photos from more greenygrey times during the summer monsoon season. These are from Flamingo Land wildlife park in North Yorkshire:

Some lemurs create a nice greenygrey scene.

An albino wallaby rests on greenygrey.

Baboons add grey to a greenygrey scene.

Flamingoes add colour to the greenygrey.