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Werewolf Of Oz New Theme Resumes Contact

Gollum eating a fish.

Hi, it’s Green.  As you know, we lost contact with Grey’s travel around Australia during the upheavals here at the Greenygrey, but there was an exciting development today when we located Grey through its Werewolf of Oz blog.

New Theme for Werewolf of Oz

We picked it up because it has a bright new theme, so it was able to reach our blogoscope,  There is good news on the blog, as it seems that Grey and its travel companions had been having trouble with a Lord of the Rings Smeagal-Gollum style nuisance, but they have now snagged Smiggin in one of its own holes.

The blog is available at: http://australiatraveller.wordpress.com/


American Road Movies Documentary is Quality

North America: orthographic projection, based ...
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Hi, it’s Green.  I watched a great documentary by Rich Hall this week about American road movies, and it brought back memories of our Greenygrey Rambles across North America, which became an epic fantasy road book; when I was of course still one half of a full muddled superpower filled vegetarian werewolf with Grey.

Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters

The road movies documentary not only reminded me of my rambles with Grey, but also Grey’s solo rambles in Oz, which have reached epic proportions after over a year on the road.

Rich Hall does a pretty good job describing and analysing American road movies, although I was disappointed Thunderbolt and Lightfoot was not included, as I think it was a better film and fit than some of the movies included.

Watching Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters

Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters is available on BBC iplayer in the UK until 29th November.  It seems to be streaming on other sites if you are in other parts of the world or reading this after that date.
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Hummingbird to Bomber: the Greenygrey comes in All Sizes

Hi, it’s Wolfgang.  Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I’ve been researching the Greenygrey legacy for posterity.  But the last post with the image of a greenygrey stadium and reddish running track got me thinking.

You know, one thing I’ve found out during my research is that the greenygrey comes in all shapes and sizes.  And another is that it can look very nice with extra colours complementing it.  I can recall wolf-whistling at many a fair greenygrey lady wearing stylish lipstick and rouge in my younger days, and have since noticed that this combination comes in all shapes and sizes.

Why, just look at these two examples.  First, you have the itty bitty hummingbird, which is one of the smallest birds in the world.

And then you have the big bulky Lancaster bomber, which is one of the biggest planes around; well, back in the good old days anyway!


New Words in the 21st Century: Variations on 20th Century

Book cover
Image by Vince Alongi via Flickr

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang here, Werewolfish language graduate, and word expert on the popular Werewolf TV quiz programme: Countdown to the Full Moon.  Greenygrey has now grown of its original use in the Greenygrey world, and is commonly used in werewolf circles, such as the full moon.

Having enjoyed learning the many uses of greenygrey in the werewolf world I thought it would be fun to bring you some uses it has found in the human world.  Here are two:

Greenygrey Landscape and Weather 

The original use of greenygrey in the human world was for the British landscape, but this combination of green and grey can be seen in most places with grey stone and green flora.  Bringing green into the equation hopefully puts a positive spin on grey days.

‘Isn’t it a lovely greenygrey day and location.’

The Doublethink Grey Area

Greenygrey has also found use as a kind of doublethink (George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four) grey area; for grey areas which seem more than one-dimensional.  In this way it seems to be a 21st century version of Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 double-bind logic.

Person 1: ‘I don’t know if that is a greenhouse or house of grey.’
Person 2: ‘That’s what I’d call a greenygrey area.’

I hope you’ve enjoyed these examples of greenygrey,
and will have fun putting them into play.

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