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New Mirror Poem Train Travels England – Wales

After all the exciting art of the last five days I’m sure you’re ready for some exquisitely poetic words now. So I imported Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem into the Greenygrey world pronto.

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wordsworth.

Mirror Poem Railway Journey

English: Wrexham-Shrewsbury railway The Wrexha...
English: Wrexham-Shrewsbury railway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The poem celebrates some of the great scenery and places from the east coast of Yorkshire to the west coast of Wales: over the Pennines into Lancashire,  then down to Cheshire and Shropshire in western England before crossing into Powys in eastern Wales for more mountain scenery.

The travel creation myth of the Greenygrey says that it was born along that line, with lots of greenery still on the ground, and cloudy skies often above.

Scarborough (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Train Journey Rise and Fall, Either Side of Offa’s Dyke 

English east coast

Scarborough Yorkshire Coast queen

steaming south through Malton to York

Leeds, Huddersfield and Dewsbury

West Yorkshire canals and mills


often white in winter

villages high on hills

Stalybridge signals

City of Manchester

stadium seen before centre

South West to Shrewsbury, Welshpool past Halfway House

castle visible from town

Powis county name

Newtown notifies

farms rising in altitude

sometimes grey clouds hidden


Mid Wales rivers and farms

Caersws, Machynlleth and Dovey

riding parallel Estuary widens to Borth

Aberystwyth Cardigan Bay pier

Welsh west sea

A view of the village of Llangrannog which is ...
A view of the village of Llangrannog which is on Cardigan Bay, Ceredigion, Wales. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Smashwords cover

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Poetry and Memoir Book Event at Waterstones

Marc Latham enjoyed his book event at Waterstones, Leeds and it was a fun and good experience.  Thanks to the staff and customers for making it a well organised and hassle free event.
Here’s some photos of Marc and his display, which included old t-shirts, diaries, magazines and his passport from back in the day when he was being inspired to write and then actually writing.

Poem about Green and Grey Providing Great Display

Mill by the Leeds and Liverpool Canal 2
Image by Tim Green aka atoach via Flickr
Marc Latham’s newest Folding Mirror poem was inspired by a run along the Leeds-Liverpool canal on a gloriously Brontesque greenygrey morning, as new green plants on the ground were complimented by swirling ominous rain clouds in the sky.
Taupe, arsenic, slate and charcoal are all types of grey, while lime and pear are types of green:  Wikipedia list of colours.

Greenygrey Sandwich

Between granite rocks taupe
and overcast arsenic sky
lime sunny hills provide sweet filling pie.
Pear shade fields are ideal for engineers
to separate slate canal
and raging river charcoal.