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Improving Male Lesbians: Dedicated to Pernille Harder

It was a proud day for all Wolfsburg Women (WW) fans yesterday as Pernille Harder was voted European Women’s Player of the Year.

I declared my fandom for Pernille on this site’s sister blog travel25years last month, after writing about Wolfsburg Women in my last book XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, and noticing Pernille at the European Championships last year captaining Denmark, before knowing she played for Wolfsburg. She transferred there in December, 2016, a year after XaW Files was published: was she a fan of the book before Wolfsburg? The truth is out there…

Here’s Wolfsburg in their glorious greenYgrey kit:

See the source image

I am Nothing if not a WW: Wordplay Wonder

While I would have liked to have seen Pernille playing for Wolfsburg Women I now feel like avoiding them, in case they think I’m a weirdo! If they invited me I would go!!

I have nothing much to offer Pernille than fandom, but was thinking that at my time of age, I would declare myself a lesbian man for Pernille and her partner, Magdalena Eriksson.

That got me thinking if there was such a thing: a male lesbian. I did find some references to male lesbians, but they were called just that, in two words.

Lesbian Man Better Term

Being a SPG (self-proclaimed genius), not to be confused with PSG as I wrote this week on this blog, I thought I could improve that by blending them together into: lesbiman.

I’ll dedicate it to Pernille and Magdalena, and any other nice women I’ve met in my life, and especially over the last thirteen years of creative writing and nostalgic travelling. My contribution to Pride.

Hopefully the not so nice people of the world that attack any humour that they think may be about them will see that parody and satire is not necessarily negative. I include Pernille and the Wolfsburg Women in my humour while really admiring and supporting them, a little bit from afar!

I would be delighted if other creatives or media parodied me or the greenYgrey in such a respectful way, and that’s all I’ve got to say on the matter this sunny September eve day!

If you want to read more on Wolfsburg Women, when Alexandra Popp was top of the pops during the greenYgrey’s epic ramble around Europe to a finding our Andy Warhol, Andy Wolfhol, travel quest pop art theme, look no further:

Women’s Euro Football Final and Olympics 2012 Anniversary Games

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, comedy satire sports correspondent at the Greenygrey. Yes, it’s really me today. I was of course cited as the correspondent responsible for yesterday’s blog, when it was really ol’ Wolf Whitzer.

Newsroom Time Pressures

Our news editing team are under severe time pressures, trying to finish the job as quickly as possible to enjoy more time in the sun, so it is understandable.

Although the newsroom got all the science and reference links right, they also let ‘several’ appear twice in the last paragraph.

We have now rectified those mistakes, so on with the sport…

European Women’s Football Championships

Tonight sees the Germany v Norway women’s football championships final. At Greenygrey sports we are of course adamantly Norwegian, um, I mean neutral… like Sweden in World War Two, but that didn’t stop Germany invading… sorry, about that, no more Basil Fawlty World War Two references impressions (the YouTube video is embedded at the end though, in the knowledge that most Germans find it very funny).

We’re hoping for a friendly game providing a good example of women’s football tonight, and it looks set for a great spectacle within the gorgeously greenygrey Friends stadium in Solna, Stockholm; as shown in Sally Nugent‘s report this morning:

Sally Nugent reports from Stockholm's Friends Arena.
Sally Nugent reports from Stockholm’s Friends Arena.

Olympics 2012 Anniversary Games

There was another great greenygrey scene at the London U.K. Olympics 2012 Anniversary Games on Friday night, as the sunset brought the best out of the greenygrey:


Olympics 2012 Anniversary Games.
Olympics 2012 Anniversary Games.

A star of Team GG in Olympics 2012, Usain Bolt, made a dramatic greenygrey entrance to the stadium:

Usain Bolt's greenygrey entrance at Olympics 2012 Annivesary Games.
Usain Bolt’s greenygrey entrance at Olympics 2012 Annivesary Games.

Later, there was a great debut Team GG performance by Nick Symmonds, as he won the 800m:

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