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WWF Earth Hour, Woodland Trust and Werewolf of Oz

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Thanks to ‘Werewolfie’ for the last couple of blogs and starting the sporting year with a Spanish double; and congratulations to all involved with the Team GG successes.

WWF Earth Hour Off and On

centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you enjoy WWF’s Earth Hour last night. We celebrated it at 23.30 GGT (Greenygrey Time), after forgetting about it at 20.30 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Yes, we turned the lights out an hour earlier than usual, which as you will no doubt know by now, was not down to just one simple reason in the Greenygrey world.

It was partly through feeling quite tired, partly through a little guilt about missing the official Earth Hour, and partly because there were no football highlights from the top two English leagues due to it being an international weekend.

Looking on the positive side, I think that by turning the lights out an hour earlier and keeping them off we probably saved more electricity than turning them off for an hour and then back on; although Earth Hour is of course mostly symbolic.

Woodland Trust Offsetting Book Sales 

Woodland Trust
Woodland Trust (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WWF’s Earth Hour also reminded us to offset our book sales with a donation to the Woodland Trust before the end of the tax year, as promised in last year’s blog.

Talking of books, it is of course time for the second Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps episode of the week. And it’s another all literary nonsense poetry post, as Grey tried to sum up Taz in a whiz.

Whereas the previous poem had a Fawlty Towers Taz angle, this one is all Tazzy. Here it is:


Taz-mania in Seven Days for Ya

For one week we tasted Tazzy
from the basic to the snazzy
we met Taz’s funtastic family
Hugh, Jean, Jake and Molly
Constance Koala kept us clean
and Dog the Turtle busy as a bean
Didgeri Dingo wasn’t as much fun
and Willie Wombat has a lot to learn
but when it came time for us to leave
Taz had another surprise up his sleeve
presenting us with a ticket to Hobart
which gave our journey a great start.



Tazzy characters (Hugh, Jean, Jake, Molly, Constance Koala, Dog the Turtle, Didgeri Dingo, Willie Wombat).

werewolf of oz book cover

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Woodland Trust Applaud Forestry Panel Report

Hi, it’s Wolf Whistzer, newshound at Greenygrey News. The Independent Panel on Forestry have published their report on England‘s forestry, and we’re delighted to see that the Greenygrey has been included in their findings:

Protecting England’s Forests

The report also called for the preservation of ancient woodland and the planting of more trees to create new woodland, which are both key elements in keeping us greenygrey rather than just grey.

The full report is available on the Woodland Trust website.

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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Woods in Glorious Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. While we would ideally like to see a republic or return of  pagan royalty, we think the Queen has done a grand job overall, and so she should enjoy her Diamond Jubilee after 60 years of diligent service.

Queen’s Successes and Limits

Queen Elizabeth II has also helped prevent a President Thatcher or President Blair, and King Charles should prevent a President Cameron. I think we should have the right to vote though. Kate has also been a fantastic recent addition to the family.

While we’re sorry that the weather has been mostly grey for all the people out and about celebrating, we think it might be good in some ways, to prevent royalty’s most fanatical supporters from thinking the royal family have some kind of direct line to God, and therefore receive favourable weather.

It was nice to see the Queen get into the Greenygrey spirit:

And to see an impressive greenygrey display:

Diamond Jubilee Woods: 60 new Forests to Celebrate 

This celebration is special to us because sixty new woods have been planted around Britain to celebrate the occasion. The Jubilee Woods project should help Britain remain greenygrey rather than grey in the future.

We also like the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee Woods map, showing Britain in glorious greenygrey, with the green landscape above grey rock foundations.


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