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Happy Y-Day with Annie Lennox

I hope you’ve had a great Y-day, and it’s helped you cope with Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year, in the northern hemisphere. Apparently it was a misty morning again this morning, but I didn’t see it; it had evaporated before I awoke. So I also missed the ‘blood wolf moon’ in the early hours too. I did see the full moon earlier, not knowing about it beforehand. So quite an exciting eventful day for Y-Day, although the weather for most of the day has been ordinary greenYgrey.

France2012 063

Y-Day: Looking Back and Forward

I think I had too much T yesterday, celebrating T20, Y-day eve, so I’m T-teetotal today; a day of Tabstinence from after this paragraph, replacing it with a – dash.
-hankfully, ins-ead of wri-ing more poe-ry -oday for Y-day, midpoint of -he mistYmuse win-er fes-ival four mon-hs I remembered Annie Lennox’s Why song. Moreover, when I wa-ched the video I saw she glamorously POPs (PinkyOrangePurple).

Sorry if i-‘s a li–le sad, apar- from -he wordplay -o -he le–er self-parody comedy, but Y-day is a day of mixed emo-ions, remembering -he mis- mon-hs, while looking forward -o -he muse, and the re-urn of spring… which should be more amusing!

Brisbane Photo and Werewolf of Oz Editing

Hi, it’s Green. First of all, I was just looking at Fresh Pressed on WordPress yesterday, and saw Debra Kolkka had some photos of Brisbane up on her blog. As Grey is heading that way I thought I’d repost them over to the Werewolf of Oz blog. I’ve also copied my favourite below. Looks like Grey should feel at home in Brisbane when it gets there!


Secondly, our editing team at the Greenygrey have tidied up Grey’s blog from a few days ago, and the end of the blog’s before and after are below. There are two more blogs since then, and it’s all looking swell for Grey at the moment. Cheers!


Warilla and Warrawong Before Wollongong

We passed Warilla, and saw gorillas warring on the beach.  I was amazed to see this, as the gentle giants are usually very peaceful.

Then we reached Warrawong, where there were many gorillas in a plentiful peace protest proclaiming war is wrong.

Wall and Gong Prevent Landing in Wollongong

The incidents we witnessed in Warilla and Warrawong spooked us out a little, and then when we approached Wollongong we could hear a deafening gong sound long before we set eyes on it.

Well, actually, we never even set eyes on Wollongong, because there was a massive fortress style wall all around it.

So we continued past it, hearing the gonging grow ever louder until reaching its zenith off Battery Park.

Somewhere between Wombarra and Scarborough we reached silence once again.


Warilla and Warrawong Before Wollongong

As we passed Warilla we saw gorillas warring on the beach. I was amazed to see this, as the gentle giants are usually very peaceful.

This was confirmed when we reached Warrawong, because the beach was full of gorillas holding a peace protest proclaiming war is wrong.

Wall and Gong Prevent Landing in Wollongong

We were still a little shaken by what we witnessed in Warilla as we approached Wollongong, and then we heard a deafening gong sound reach us from the north.

I wondered if we should land at Wollongong, as planned. The decision was made for us when we approached the city, because there was a massive wall all around it, just above the gong.

So we continued past it, hearing the gonging grow ever louder until reaching its zenith off Battery Park.

Somewhere between Wombarra and Scarborough we reached silence again.


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Blogging Award Thankfully Accepted

Immense thanks to Jennifer at the Step on a Crack (http://steponacrack.wordpress.com/) blog for nominating this blog for a Versatile Blog award.  It was a really nice surprise at the start of the new year.  On her blog, Jennifer writes about tough subjects, which is what I think blogging is ideal for. According to the requirements of the award I should now:
• Nominate 15 other bloggers
• Inform my nominees
• Share 7 random facts about myself
• Thank those who nominated me
• Add a picture of the award to this post
Here’s 15 other bloggers:
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Lesley’s bucket list for 2012.
And 7 Random Facts:
  1. I hitch-hiked a lot when younger.
  2. I’ve travelled to all the populated continents.
  3. I have run three marathons.
  4. I am a published writer and poet.
  5. I have a PhD.
  6. I had a trial with a professional football/soccer club.
  7. I often do stupid things and feel very lazy.
    Now, to let my nominees know…

2011 in review: WordPress statistics for the FMPoetry year

Thanks to all the contributors and readers for making 2011 another great year at fmpoetry; for providing content and inspiration.  Thanks to WordPress too, for making the blog possible, and Zemanta for providing easy access to quality images; and wikipedia for its information about just about every topic.

I just received the report from WordPress about the blog in 2011.  Special thanks to those who commented and linked here the most, and the zen zebra fans for making it the most read poem.  Cheers, Happy New Year, and Best Wishes for 2012!

Here’s the statistics that WordPress has just kindly and efficiently provided.


Warning: 2 of the sites that sent readers here have brought up security warning messages, so please don’t click on the haprak and istermetro links in the report.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 10,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Werewolf Of Oz New Theme Resumes Contact

Gollum eating a fish.

Hi, it’s Green.  As you know, we lost contact with Grey’s travel around Australia during the upheavals here at the Greenygrey, but there was an exciting development today when we located Grey through its Werewolf of Oz blog.

New Theme for Werewolf of Oz

We picked it up because it has a bright new theme, so it was able to reach our blogoscope,  There is good news on the blog, as it seems that Grey and its travel companions had been having trouble with a Lord of the Rings Smeagal-Gollum style nuisance, but they have now snagged Smiggin in one of its own holes.

The blog is available at: http://australiatraveller.wordpress.com/