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Winter Solstice Countdown Notches Up Super Sunrise

Hi, it’s Michael Wolf, wonderful weatherperson at the Greenygrey. We’re blogging live from a super sunrise within an hour of our beloved bulk-book-buying 9-5 workers start work, and hoping to have the blog posted in time for the 9am start, when workers need to settle in and warm up with a little web browsing… at the Greenygrey. The Greenygrey is with you at the start of December 2012’s first working week morning…

Winter Solstice Brightens British Morning

Yes, we recently blogged that it was approaching that time of year when the winter sunrise lines up with the Northern Hemisphere’s normal work-day rush hour… and yes, that’s it, the sun has just risen at about 8.20, no doubt brightening the morning for all those Monday morning crotchety commuters.

It’s less than three weeks now to the Winter Solstice, when the Northern Hemisphere has its shortest day, and the sunrise reaches its closest passing to the 9am work-day start.

Due to there not being an artistic werewolf in the office at this early hour; where are Andy Wolfhol and Baron Wolfman when you need them; we don’t have any images from today’s super sunrise, but here’s some we made before, Blue Peter-style:

P.S. Great news for the 9-5 workers who’ve now reached work. A band of cloud has just eaten up the sky and it is pouring with rain… although the sun is still is shining on the horizon. Who said weather was boring..!

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