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Is Yellowism the New Greenygrey? Sun Wolf Howls

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol, creator extraordinaire at the Greenygrey. As you know, the Greenygrey has been strutting itself around the world being way too cool for human types for about five years now, playing the arty-farty game within the boundaries of the law and in the best possible taste, while changing the face of Britain.

Yellowism Arty-Farty Upstarts

Then these upstarts declaring themselves Yellowists, who’ve only been in existence a couple of years, daub some painting we’d never heard of, and didn’t look much to us even before it was graffitied ¬†by a Yellowist, and the Yellow upstarts are all over the media, grabbing the headlines and being analysed seriously by the Telegraph!

And now they’re on the Greenygrey!

While the Greenygrey, which has no doubt revolutionised the way the world is seen and experienced, is still well underground and out of the headlines, because we’re so cool. And we’re not even on the thisisyellowism¬†website, which we think could do with a dollop of greenygrey to brighten and dull the site in equal measures.

English: Own work made in the style of Andy Warhol
English: Own work made in the style of Andy Warhol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before the yellow-bellies find our site and yellow us, we thought we’d beat them to it. So I set to work on the Greengyrey logo, featured at the top of the blog, in my own inimitable style (remember those soup cans and Marilyn?), which is much easier now with Photo Impact, and proudly displayed below is the result (reminds me of the Greenygrey creation myth about our fave veggie werewolf species being turned green by the sun) :

If you like it: howl ER, or yell OW.

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