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Poems Taking Higher Form of Love to the Stars

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After Jean Knill’s lovely poem last week, I was very pleased to hear from Zoya Gautam again this week, and receive  some new mirror and haiku poems.  Zoya created Princess of the Night, and shared it here in June 2009, which is nearly two years ago now.  Time flies when you’re having fun!

These new offerings are also wonderful, and there is much more at Zoya’s blogs: horizon next and insane2bsane

Zoya wanted both the haikus that follow Cinders to be combined under the caption ‘love’.

Thanks to Zoya for creating and sharing the poems.  Enjoy and have a great start to the week…

_’ cinders ‘

the word is soft on the senses
its meaning grows upon me
light born of a heated object
so i look at your being
losing myself in your thoughts
till i surface in your irises
a tear like liquid gasoline
dousing the cinders of sorrow
aglow with my agonies
your incandescence  ..

~ `~  ~ `~

_’ love ‘

water in your eyes
burns like a flame in the skies
each star is a tear ..

~ ~

no smoke and no heat
i watch the incandescence
of silent sorrows .

Princess of the Night Poem

A break in the art interpretation series today, as just received a new Folding Mirror poem by a poet who arrived via the NaiSaiKu Challenge site.

Thanks to Zoya Gautam for creating and sharing the clever and beautiful poem, and I hope Zoya writes more Folding Mirrors in the near future.

Zoya has many other mirror poems on site; the address and a link is at the bottom of the post.



‘ priestess ‘

cloistered priestess of the night
embracing darkness
in the scent of her silence
rajanigandha ..


twaicoo / original /©z.g. ..

[rajanigandha~Tuberose bulbs-growing white flowers with a night time fragrance]

zoya gautam
http://vci2i.blogspot.com: also contains more info on ‘ twaicoo ‘