Time Philosophy and Nature Images

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, artistic head honcho at the Greenygrey in the absence of Andy Wolfhol. I haven’t been around for a while, as you might have noticed, as I was off looking for ol’ Wolfhol. I didn’t find him, but did have a few thoughts, and found a few greenygrey images. Here they are:

GG Philosophy and Nature Images

Greenygrey can be that time between – the time when the past and future meet and merge, before going their own ways; rather than just passing through or by each other.

It’s when reality is suspended as it transforms, like the time between television channels being changed, or travel times being altered, or the deja vu feeling of past and present meeting in a void: when there is nothing there, and no defined time.

Sometimes you reach that state for a prolonged time, when doing an adrenalin or creative activity, or just having a good daydream.

Sometimes you just don’t notice it.

Transcendental landscapes by Catherine Nelson.

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