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Doro Pesch Honour and Berri Sunshine Song

There’s been much debate in the greenYgrey world about the missing generational representative linking Debbie Harry and Taylor Momsen after Marc Latham’s Valentine’s Day Folding Mirror poem.

Doro Pesch @ Classic Rock Festival Hamburg
Doro Pesch @ Classic Rock Festival Hamburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, we decided there didn’t need to be a link in a later blog, what with Debbie Harry still looking great, but if there was… it would be my honour to confirm that it is Doro Pesch, who started her heavy metal and rock career in Warlock before going solo.

Doro Pesch, Warlock Rock Legend

Hi, it’s Howlin’ Werewolf, satirical comedy music correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by blues legend Howlin’ Wolf.

Yes, Doro was always a strong candidate, and when we read on Wikipedia that she had ditched her leather for synthetic materials in her self-designed stage clothes in support of PETA, and supports females around the world through the Terre des Femmes charity we thought that she deserves her place among greats like Harry of Blondie fame and Momsen of The Pretty Reckless.

With Doro born in 1964, she fits perfectly into the Folding Middle line linking Debbie Harry born in 1945 and Taylor Momsen born in 1993. Three generations of beautiful women and raucous rockers.

greenYgrey Rebranding Song

Although rock and metal is always at the heart of the greenYgrey we like lots of music, from blues to punk, and country to dance.

So, when choosing a song to represent the greenYgrey’s promotion of yellow at the heart of green and grey we thought that Berri’s Sunshine After The Rain was the perfect song for the new greenYgrey image… and this week in Blighty!:

Another great song was recommended on YouTube, and when I watched it I noticed there was some great greenygreying along with voluptuous vocalising in JX’s Son Of A Gun:

and in Corona‘s Baby Baby too:

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Suffragette Graphic Novel and Weightlifting While Pregnant

There is some great greenYgrey artwork by Kate Charlesworth and Brian Talbot in the new graphic novel by the latter’s wife Mary M. Talbot. I was alerted to Sally Heathcote: Suffragette by Larushka Ivan-Zadeh in the Metro. In this thrilling blog post, there’s also some great greenygreying by Meghan Umphres Leatherman… unbelievably while weightlifting heavy weights at nine months pregnant.

Suffragette Graphic Novel 

Writing in the 18th century, Mary Wollstonecra...
Writing in the 18th century, Mary Wollstonecraft is often hailed as the founder of liberal feminism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s Mary Werewolfstonecraft, established satirical comedy philosophy correspondent at the Greenygrey. For humans reading this, my closest parallel in the human world is Mary Wollstonecraft, who is described in Philip Stokes’s Philosophy: 100 Essential Thinkers as the original feminist.

Yes, I did enjoy the great greenYgrey artwork in Mary M. Talbot’s Sally Heathcote: Suffragette. A good example of this is on the cover:

There’s also more examples via a Google Images search:

Woman Weightlifts While Pregnant

They say women are better at multitasking, but Meghan Umphres Leatherman seems to have taken this to gargantuan lengths. Leatherman not only weightlifted while nine months pregnant, but also got in some great old-fashioned Greenygreying in this Barcroft TV video reported on Yahoowith her coach also joining in a phenomenal human-construction GGing example:

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Leeds Tour de France Le Grande Depart Article

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, travel writing correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by the legendary travel writer Jack Kerouac. I was delighted to see this morning that there’s a new travel article on Leeds hosting Le Grande Depart of the Tour de France on July 5th.

Go Nomad Travel Site Photo

The article is on the Go Nomad site, which has been a leader in alternative travel writing on the web since 2000.

The article provides travel info about Leeds and Yorkshire through a virtual tour of the city, as well as providing a little historical and retail facts. There’s also a lot of photos and a little of the author’s endurance sport history in the region linking the info and facts together into a travel article.


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Pretty Reckless and Joan Jett at Revolver Awards

With Princess Kate Down Under on the royal couple tour of Australia and New Zealand making all the headlines in the Greenygrey world, rock and pop women may have felt forgotten, but they are all princesses in their own way off course.

And maybe we had let you slip our minds until seeing The Pretty Reckless and Joan Jett at the Revolver awards.

Pretty Reckless at Revolver Awards

However, Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless has emerged as the primary punky princess in the Greenygrey world after sharing a Folding Mirror poem with the Queen of punky princesses Debbie Harry.

Hi, it’s Howlin’ Werewolf, satirical comedy musical correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by Blues legend Howlin’ Wolf.

The Pretty Reckless played a storming set at the recent Revolver Golden Gods set,where Joan Jett picked up a RGG award, including sending loads of great greenygrey subliminal messages into the unsuspecting rock crowd (only joking!):

Rock Legend Generations

As Marc Latham’s recent Folding Mirror poem linked the rock generations, Taylor Momsen also played with Joan Jett, legendary guitarist famed for being in The Runaways and her solo hits, including the anthemic I Love Rock n’ Roll.

The Runaways were strutting their stuff in California from 1975, a year or two before Blondie emerged on the east coast, but Marc Latham didn’t become aware of them until he got into rock in 1980.

In line with Greenygrey theory, they therefore preceded Blondie in real life, but followed them in the ML world.

The Runaways Legends 

Cover of "The Runaways"
Cover of The Runaways

Runaways lead singer Cherie Currie would have been a good candidate for linking the Debbie Harry and Taylor Momsen generations, except she is from the same generation as Debbie Harry.

Aah, the older generation still look in rockin’ great shape anyway, with Lita Ford of The Runaways still touring the world kicking out the jams as well, so there’s no need for another generational link.

There’s evidence of that in this video, with Taylor Momsen rolling back the Runaways years playing with Joan Jett at the Revolver awards, on a JJ solo hit:

P.S. In line with Greenygrey theory, The Runaways movie showed that bad things can happen in the music and wider world, as well as good, so please don’t go running away just because you feel inspired by this blog!

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Trees Poem Compares Uprooted Tree with Dumbbell

Trees are starting to spring green in the northern hemisphere now, with buds opening to leaves under the warming sun. These poetry thoughts date back to the autumn-winter, when storms had uprooted a tree.

West Philly Storm - Trees Down
West Philly Storm – Trees Down (Photo credit: kwbridge)






Trees without leaves
look at home
when the sun doesn’t shine.

Trees with roots
bitten from earth
look more balanced.

Trees look like bells
when out of their womb
dumbbells and barbells.

A dumbbell (Hantel)
A dumbbell (Hantel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





Trees of life
weighted with birds
raised high by humanity.

Trees stand for sacrifice
branches welcome visitors
axe and chainsaw.

Trees look cold
naked to the bone
lying in the lumber yard.

Lumber yard sorting table, Falls City, Oregon
Lumber yard sorting table, Falls City, Oregon (Photo credit: OSU Special Collections & Archives : Commons)
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Google UK went Greenygrey some Day

As a new Greenygrey’s ramble by Google Maps gets under way, I’m delighted to say that Google UK has a great greenYgrey logo.

I didn’t say great new greenygrey logo as I’m not sure how long it’s been there; I only know when I noticed.

Google Logo

Hi, it’s Wolf Whitzer with a Greenygrey News (GGN) satirical comedy newsflash, inspired by Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

Of course, I’ve always noticed Google has two Gs, like the Greenygrey, but I only just realised it has a greenygrey green l and grey UK in this logo:


Moreover, remembering the recent greenYgrey rebranding (as I just did!), there is also a yellow middle courtesy of the o.

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X Factor Auditions Return Psycho Sico Poem

Simon Wolfell’s sacking from the Greenygrey after his human parallel Simon Cowell did the dirty on cool Carmen Elektra and his friend, the husband of Laura Silverman, who then had Sico’s child, probably led to the failure of the American Factor. But now Sico’s back in the U.K., and he’s got Cheryl Tweedy back in tow, after apparently sacking her in the U.S.A.

Psycho Sico X Factor Poem 

English: Map showing the location of the Chukc...
English: Map showing the location of the Chukchi Sea. Modified map based on map :commons:Image:Chukchi Sea map.png created by NormanEinstein, May 31, 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the Greenygrey inspired by legendary Romantic poet William Wolfsworth.

Another amazing coincidence in the virtual world we live in, is that Cheryl Tweedy used to be called Cheryl Cole (C2), and the Greenygrey this week flew out to the Chukchi Sea (C2 or 3, unsure about counting Sea!).

The poem was also influenced by three days of smoggy pollution in the U.K. that registered 10 out of 10: referencing a quote from Apocalypse Now, which was about napalm rather than pollution.

We didn’t expect anything like that so soon when we warned about Boris Johnson and George Osborne‘s visions for Britain’s future! Here’s the untitled ranty ramble poem that unfortunately isn’t very romantic!:

Feeling alienated
unable to fit in
try psychopathy
it worked for me.
Greed is good
animals are just food
love the smell
of pollution in the morning.
Nature doesn’t matter
Simon’s back on X Factor
a great role model
for society’s Sico babble!

Photo: Feeling alienated<br /> unable to fit in<br /> try psychopathy<br /> it worked for me.<br /> Greed is good<br /> animals are just food<br /> love the smell<br /> of pollution in the morning.<br /> Nature doesn't matter<br /> Simon's back on X Factor<br /> a great role model<br /> for society's psycho babble!

Good luck to all the X Factor contestants, and everybody involved apart from Cowell!

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