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Mirror Poem about Seasons, Sun and Space

Marc Latham’s new Folding Mirror poem was inspired by the first prolonged sunny hot spell of the year where he lives, which in month 5 has just beaten the official start of summer in months 6-8.

Marc has just had an article about Leeds hosting the Tour de France in month 7, July, published on Go Nomad.

Here’s the poem:

Spring or Summer, Sun flares Whenever

summer can’t arrive too soon
although not expected until June
sun doesn’t know northern reasoning
each hemisphere’s split seasoning
it just sits centre burning fuel
although solar winds wave like fool

our planet circles fusion fire, life on Earth reaching higher

comets dance around gravity bound moons
shooting stars whiz space like loons
judged on falling brightness
without knowing journey light years
hot weather come what May
spring doesn’t claim every day

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Mirror Poem Celebrating New Spring Green Wind

Marc Latham’s new Folding Mirror poem was inspired by looking at greenery swaying in the divide between two roads; lit by sun shining through clouds to create warm spring air.

Mirror Poem

The poem echoes one of his earliest Folding Mirror poems, created after seeing a similar scene in a field of barley, and posted on fmpoetry five years ago this month (available from link above, or by searching field barley).

Cihuatecayoti was chosen out of the many world wind gods as it mirrored Cinderella the most.

Winding Between, Two Roads

where was the wind
before now
had it already inspired
thoughts, dreams, wonder
tender hearts
Cihuatecayoti remembered
mind refreshed

riding the magic, blades green grass

march awoken
Cinderellas released
captivity ceased
tribal, dance, writing
other planets have breeze
similar chemicals
is their reaction poetry

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Mirror Poem Combining Io Space and Coldplay Chris

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem started bubbling in the mind on January 7th: exactly one week ago. He answered a Facebook question set by the poet Sarah James (Leavesley) on an ‘I’ he’d like to visit with ‘Io’. Io is one of Jupiter’s moons. He had Typically Tropical’s 1975 hit Barbados going through his mind for the rhythm.

Mirror Poem Inspiration

However, he’d also seen the Gravity movie in December, and after spending ninety minutes in 3D space he related to images of life on Earth at the end; he  thought that although it would be nice to go into space, it would also be nice to return. The return journey desire gave him the idea that it’d make a good Folding Mirror poem.

Then yesterday he saw a photo of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow exuding warmth in the Metro newspaper. Paltrow rhymes with Io, so he thought he’d combine the two.

Coldplay Songs, Io Facts

The poem contains a couple of relevant Coldplay songs in U.F.O. and Parachute, strategically placed to mirror, as well as some Io facts. Mars is the only planet between Earth and Jupiter.

The initial letters of the heading and middle line’s words also mirror. Here’s the poem:

True-color image taken by the Galileo probe.

Cold Play Words, Warm Poem Creation

oh I wanna go to Io
on U.F.O Gwyneth Paltrow
love its 400 types volcano
discovered in 1610 by Galileo
closest moon to Jupiter
inside Ganymede and Europa

looking tantalisingly nice, nowhere to live

no atmosphere or mirth
like home on Earth
missing liquid lakes and beaches
with over million different species
Parachute for Chris Martin
sure don’t wanna be a Martian

Gwynny and Chris cuddle up

Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (, and he has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (

Mirror Poem Compares Gaia Earth and Venus Plant

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem was inspired by a news report of alien organisms being found on space rock, and scientists stating that it could have been how life started on Earth. The research is still in an early stage, so it’s by no means proven.

Here’s the poem:

Gaia’s Gravity, Alien Attraction

Venus fly trap
sucks living insects
betwitching luscious leaves
crunching nutritional value

in our planet’s bogs, swampy world needed life

comets provided particles
bubbling thermal vents
sprinkled space organisms
Earth hot stew

Artist concept of Gravity Probe B orbiting the...
Artist concept of Gravity Probe B orbiting the Earth to measure space-time, a four-dimensional description of the universe including height, width, length, and time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (, and he has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (

Poem about Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem celebrates Felix Baumgartner‘s triple world-record-breaking twenty-four mile balloon journey into space, and 9-minute (540 seconds) free fall back to Earth, during which he became the first human to break the sound barrier without a vehicle. Here it is:
Red Bull Stratos - Felix Baumgartner
Red Bull Stratos – Felix Baumgartner (Photo credit:
Balloonist Baumgartner, Flying Felix
I’m going home
to the only place I’ve known
it’s twenty-four miles away
but it’s straight all the way
no bends, lights or diversions
distractions, stations or merging
just falling and spinning
breaking sound barrier, entering Earth’s atmosphere
pulling chute and landing
sunshine, horizon and sky
warm desert, friends of Earth
it’s just the way I remember
before five-forty seconds fall
from the highest a balloonist’s been
feeling so humble
Red Bull Stratos - Felix Baumgartner
Red Bull Stratos – Felix Baumgartner (Photo credit:
Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (, and he has several books available on Amazon (


Poem about Life on Earth and Space of Dearth

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem contrasts humanity’s search for life on other planets and in the supernatural with the damage it is doing on our home planet. The BBC’s History of the World pulled no punches this week in describing how our species killed off the Neanderthals, and we look set to exterminate a lot more of our close relatives this century unless we change our ways, which looks unlikely the way this century and decade is going.
Sorry if it’s a little negative, and Marc is fascinated by all the space exploration… as well as liking humanity… just not everything our species does… and the priorities it sometimes seems to have. The world is still a beautiful place, and there is still an abundance of life at the moment, so make the most of it, and enjoy life. Here’s the poem:
Mars, 2001, with the southern polar ice cap vi...
Mars, 2001, with the southern polar ice cap visible on the bottom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Search and Destroy
digging the dearth on Mars
discovering minutest microbes,
exoplanets in the habitable zones
of faraway solar systems,
imagining angels above
waiting for sinning souls
ambitions of a species, degradation of our planet
centre stage the clowns
Jester’s acid tears,
melt the polar icecaps
creating new passages to pollute,
plundering nature’s riches
ignoring the beauty of Earth
Mission: Earth, Voyage to the Home Planet
Mission: Earth, Voyage to the Home Planet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (, and he has several books available on Amazon (

Poem Linking Shaman Vortex and Space Wormhole

Although in some ways I’d have preferred 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections to be published by a big publisher, self-publishing on Kindle does have some advantages. As well as a quick and efficient service, keeping costs down, and saving paper, you can also edit it after first publishing. And today I suddenly thought out of nowhere that I’d made a mistake, and lo and behold, I had written about documentaries marking the 25th anniversary of punk, instead of 35, which early-bird readers might have noticed. I have now changed it.
Although the above book marks a big milestone in Folding Mirror poetry, I thought that it shouldn’t delay the new era, so here’s Marc Latham’s new FM poem. It was inspired by hearing about wormholes on television space documentaries like How the Universe Works and Horizon, and reading about how our ancestors thought vortexes provided pathways to the spirit world in Williams and Pearce’s Inside the Neolithic Mind. 
English: Deutsch:
English: Deutsch: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Shamanism and Science
to travel vast distances
in and out
through universes
physicists hypothesise
traversable wormholes
in space future, like ancestral past’s
trance vortexes
shamans’ gateways
into otherworlds
above and below
mind and physical Earth
Sedona Energy Vortex
Sedona Energy Vortex (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)
Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (