Colour of the Moon is Greenygrey?

Hi, it’s Wolfgang.  I looked up the colour of the moon after reading Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror nature poem about how moonlight sails the ocean night on a goldshine silverline.

Goldshine, Silverline, the Moon is Greenygrey

I was surprised that the first image I found showed the moon to be as much greenygrey as anything:

Copied from:

All these years of howling at the moon and I never noticed!

Maybe Neil Young will now follow up Harvest Moon with Greenygrey Moon?

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Poem of Moonlight Sailing the Ocean Night

Image via Wikipedia
Marc Latham’s latest FM poem shines a moonlight over the ocean night.  Here’s the poetry:
Embracing Sea at Midnight 
moon shines bright
lights ebony night
reflecting sunshine
goldshine, silverline
passing time
over eternal ocean
surfing wave motion
Marc Latham indulges in more speculative bipolar investigatory ruminations in the factual and fantasy worlds on the greenygrey website.

Osbourne’s Autumn Statement (Ozzy)

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne
George Osborne MP, pictured speaking on the la...
George Osbourne

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonthehill.  Chancellor George Osbourne is giving the British government‘s Autumn statement today, but we reckon that werewolf wannabe, Ozzy Osbourne, of Black Sabbath fame, could do a better job, as Ozzy’s finances are in better shape than the government’s.  Here’s some proposals we think Ozzy would make to get the UK biting back:

  1. Britain to only ally with the financially astute, like my Sharon
  2. Reunite, like I did for Ozzfest and the current Sabs reunion
  3. Even more CCTV cameras to make one big reality show
  4. More barking at the moon
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Defining greenygrey creates new word? Humanynature

Human Nature (Madonna song)
Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, word expert at the Greenygrey, with no time for literary nonsense.

I was just thinking once more about defining the word greenygrey
for posterity
in the English languagey
when I suddenly had an epic epiphany.

Cover art from America's 1998 album, Human Nature
Image via Wikipedia

Human Nature Becomes Humanynature

I thought how greenygrey’s uses within the human and natural worlds could be narrowed down to human nature.

Then I thought that in greenygrey style that could be made into the word: humanynature.

You may ask Y?

Get in the Queue Humanynature

While, we think humanynature would be a great new word, I would like to reassure all you greenygrey supporters that finding a home for the greenygrey is our first priority.

The Motor City Collection
Image via Wikipedia
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Werewolf Of Oz New Theme Resumes Contact

Gollum eating a fish.

Hi, it’s Green.  As you know, we lost contact with Grey’s travel around Australia during the upheavals here at the Greenygrey, but there was an exciting development today when we located Grey through its Werewolf of Oz blog.

New Theme for Werewolf of Oz

We picked it up because it has a bright new theme, so it was able to reach our blogoscope,  There is good news on the blog, as it seems that Grey and its travel companions had been having trouble with a Lord of the Rings Smeagal-Gollum style nuisance, but they have now snagged Smiggin in one of its own holes.

The blog is available at:

Dastardly and Muttley win Inspiration Contest for Olympic Uniforms

Hi, it’s Green.  On behalf of all at the Greenygrey we would like to congratulate Dastardly and Muttley for winning the contest to inspire the colour of the volunteer uniforms in the London Olympics 2012.

London Olympics 2012 Volunteer Uniforms

The news was broken by the Londonist, and they also provided the photo with the inspiration and models together that is copied below.

Although we congratulate both inspirations, we only like Muttley.

Olympic Mascots: Wenlock and Mandeville

And while we’re on the subject, I think Grey and I could have done a better job as Olympic mascot than bloody Wenlock and Mandeville.

Wenlock and Mandeville
Image via Wikipedia

C’est la vie…

Although we are both featured on Mandeville.  I’m begginning to warm to ol’ Mandy now…



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End of Autumn Falling Leaves Poem

As the last days of autumn/fall in the northern hemisphere lay ahead, Marc Latham’s latest FM poem has the  leaves of deciduous trees as its topic.  Here’s the poetry:
Falling Autumn Gold
dawn’s dazzling deciduous
shining silver bark
naked tree-tops
clothed yellow midrift
leaves illuminated, nature’s neon
lemon skirt glows
barefoot base
fallen fellows floor
sunlight makes radiant

Marc Latham indulges in more speculative bipolar investigatory ruminations in the factual and fantasy worlds on the greenygrey website.

Chicken or Egg, Pea and Mushroom Soup

Fog, 1 of 5
Image by *CA* via Flickr

Hi it’s Wolfgang.  No, our headline is not a breakfast, lunch or brunch menu, it’s to do with a couple of intriguing greenygrey questions I’ve been mulling over.  And the mull refers to thinking rather than drinking; it’s a bit early for a that traditional Christmas tipple.

Greenygrey Weather: Chicken or Egg First Type Dilemma

With greenygrey weather dominating much of Britain and Europe at the moment, with green and grey joined as one for most of the last few days, I was wondering if such greenygrey weather preceded the greenygrey, or if the greenygrey was created before such green and grey weather.

I didn’t get very far I’m afraid, and it will have to remain an unexplained greenygrey mystery.

Why Pea Souper?

And it also got me wondering why foggy weather received the name ‘pea-souper’ back in the 19th century, as it looks more grey and mushroomy than green and peay.

So I looked that up on Wikipedia, and it explained that a pea soup fog ‘is a type of visible air pollution, a thick and often yellowish smog caused by the burning of soft coal.’

Answering the Question, Questioning the Answer

So, I have learned something today.  Although pea soup isn’t usually yellow, I guess that it was the closest to a yellow soup there was at that time.

Now, I wonder which came first, the mushroom or the pea?

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American Road Movies Documentary is Quality

North America: orthographic projection, based ...
Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Green.  I watched a great documentary by Rich Hall this week about American road movies, and it brought back memories of our Greenygrey Rambles across North America, which became an epic fantasy road book; when I was of course still one half of a full muddled superpower filled vegetarian werewolf with Grey.

Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters

The road movies documentary not only reminded me of my rambles with Grey, but also Grey’s solo rambles in Oz, which have reached epic proportions after over a year on the road.

Rich Hall does a pretty good job describing and analysing American road movies, although I was disappointed Thunderbolt and Lightfoot was not included, as I think it was a better film and fit than some of the movies included.

Watching Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters

Rich Hall’s Continental Drifters is available on BBC iplayer in the UK until 29th November.  It seems to be streaming on other sites if you are in other parts of the world or reading this after that date.
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