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Happy t-day: this post was written stream of consciousness (with some from previous thoughts that surfaced along the way!) over 3 posts on Facebook!

Bon (AC/DC) music good for empathy, like daytime TV; Jeremy Kyle used to be in the UK, Jerry Springer in USA, don’t know Oz; and anger distraction; like thrash/punk music, or Guns N’ Roses, with Axl a big Bon fan.
Bon story more of a tragedy, although he did reach the top before falling off the rock n’ roll peak, so not really uplifting for me. For uplifting I listen to dance music such as uplifting house and trance; and now ‘Viking’ music such as Heilung (Healing in English). ‘Viking’ music is often sad and melancholy like Bon lyrics too (but without the humour!), with Solstafir’s Necrologue about a 20-something friend who succumbed like Bon; introduced live here:
I don’t think it’s an anti-depressant, but it is empathetic, showing those feelings are quite common. I think you either choose to continue on that path, or you leave; often because you just get bored of it, like Sharon said about Ozzy in the Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne docufilm (available on BBC now in UK), and I did: too old to die young (and stay pretty), like Debbie Harry of Blondie sang in the 70s!

Aristotle Adaptation

The sun is greater than the (w)hole of humanity.
My adaptation of the above philosophical idea. It’s only a mental thing, as physically I’m still dependent on humanity supplying food and drink; thanks again to the necessary key workers. It’s for those who think humanity is toxifying their minds, but can’t leave their ‘social group’ because they think it’s ‘normal’; or that they owe it to them or some ‘idea’ or ‘marketed concept’, such as youth or human.

I’ll leave you today, with the t-day anthem:

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prehistoric amateur astronomy mist mystery

Happy mistYmuse ist day, as the m departs with only 3 days to go until mistYmuse Y day; this isn’t a mystery worthy of Scooby; and the greenYgrey world solstice day!
This is my contribution to amateur astronomy; the old way; showing how the sunrise (really: our first view of the sun) has started its journey back up the eastern horizon, from its most southerly midwinter point around December 21st (it was cloudy then, so the middle photo is from the 22nd).
The top photo is from November 27th, and the bottom yesterday, both 25/26 days either side of the middle one on December 22nd. In the middle midwinter one, the sun rises in the v, to the right of the big tree, while in the other two it rises to the left of the big tree.

To my brain, it still seems strange that the sun goes back up the eastern horizon, even though we’re going around the sun in a circle (now at about 11 o’clock according to an orrery, compared to 1 o’clock in November):

But, thinking about it, that’s because my brain is still thinking of the humanistic sun ‘rise’, rather than the heliocentric our ‘first view of the sun’. ‘Sunrise’ is of course because of our planet’s spin each ‘day’, rather than our orbit around the sun, which gives us our ‘year’ and ‘seasons’.

The sunrise travelling back up the ‘eastern horizon’ is really that we see it earlier in the northern hemisphere as our planet’s stationary axis tilt is pointing more towards the sun for half of the orbit (measured in our calendar as from December to June, with equal half way with the southern hemisphere in March and September).

The orrery shows the norther hemisphere’s six months of more sunlight are when Earth is ‘south’ of the sun, which makes sense when you think about it (not at first for me!), as we are tipped towards the sun then.

Milky Way View

Another way to check this, and get a better idea of how Earth’s 23.4/5 axis tilt and solar orbit directs our view and time, is to look out from the sun, into space.
Our planet and solar system is in the west of our Milky Way galaxy.

So, sometimes here on Earth, we have a clear view of most of the Milky Way, and other times we’re on the other side of the sun for the best views (of more of the galaxy). As shown on that website, our best views of the Milky Way are just coming up, from February to October, when we’ll be on the inside of the sun during our solar system (in the above image at about 6/7 o’clock) orbit for closer dark sky views of the centre of our galaxy.

Best lenses for Milky Way

That’s why different constellations are visible at different times of the year, and in different parts of the sky. Ursa Major looked quite low in the northern sky during the summer when I used it to see comet neowise, and now it looks directly above us.
That’s because Earth’s position to it has changed, rather than the ‘night sky’ changing. And the same is true of the ‘sunrise’.

Sorry, if the above dragged on a bit, but I’m still working it out myself too!!

seagull music mews selection

Today is the first day of MEW (Mist Evaporation Week), as we count down to the halfway point of mistYmuse, with January 21st Y-day; and the 20th T-day, as set out two years ago: ‘We are now officially in the MEW (Mist Evaporation Week) of mistYmuse, with January 21st a week away. It really gets exciting in the last four days, as we lose each letter day by day, going from MIST to IST, ST and finally just T on the 20th; kind of like T20 cricket!’

January 21st was also declared the greenYgrey werewolf world’s Winter Solstice in Chapter 4 Episode 4 of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity:

 ‘… said she’d seen a nice Winter Solstice sunrise in the greenYgrey world before leaving, at about 08.10 on January 21st.
When’s the summer solstice you ask? Funnily enough, there’s no Summer Solstice in the greenYgrey world, so in that way, were (sic) one-dimensional.
We do see the beautiful colours of the sunset though, and with a little travelling, the ethereal late last light of the summer night is visible from the western edge of the greenYgrey world.’

I used to wonder why anybody would write a song about seagulls; or name their band after them. But after seeing their nesting homes on the coast, and their flocks flying over at sunrise and sunset for their ‘days of work’ I can understand it now. I hadn’t heard of the Mitchell song or Green Seagull band before searching; inspired by recent photos of them at sunrise; the other two I had heard of… although I didn’t think the first song was Bad Company!


My very own Marcissism art is called Marct.
Some people may think it is machismo.
But really it is Marcissmo.
More in line with Marc… el Duchamp,
Some may think it Machiavellian.
But really it is Marciavellian.
I see a wolf looking through the trees at the sun in the cover photo!


I didn’t know Kylie Minogue has a new song called ‘Magic’ out until this morning, after her name POPped up from her Stock, Aitken and Waterman connections yesterday; after I conjured up what I think could be the catchy chorus of the summer with ‘So la sol, for us forever’. Was she the mistYmuse magic inspiration?
Lots of great gYgPOPing in this video too!

Spice Girls Channel

That was after I’d last night pinpointed what I think was the influence for the last line of the poetic conundrum that had given me ‘writer’s block’ a day or two before. I wrote this on Facebook:

I think I was channelling this Spice Girls song with my new summer hit 2021 hopeful chorus ‘So la sol, for us forever’.

Do you think it’s too close? I don’t want to get Kylie (Minogue) into trouble with the Spice Girls; it may turn into the Little Mix v single blonde girl ‘Black Magic’ gangsta bullying video scenario; especially with Scary Spice in the ‘mix’!? :

Explaining the blog post title: sin is Spanish for without.

new kylie minogue summer hit SONG exclusive chorus?

9 lines of poetry before you get to the new La Vida Loca… can you resist fast forwarding there… or is the temptation too strong to bear..?

There’s a lot of love between us,
Mercury and Venus,
and when my pew,
doesn’t have a sun view,
most of Earth too.

Holding us together
influencing weather
lighting up our planet
million times size of it
so la sol for us forever.

The last line wordplays so la and solar… I think it’s a catchy chorus Simon Cowell (maybe it was the greenYgrey world’s Simon Wolfell contacting me, subliminally… werewolfally?) etc would be proud of, and a summer hit for somebody this year… along the lines of La Vida Loca?

Or I was thinking of Stock, Aitken and Waterman (although I thought the first name was Scott… lucky I don’t have to look it up in a phone directory!) from the ’80s. Just looked them up and saw they wrote some of Kylie’s hits, which is the perfect match?

I thought of the first four lines a few days ago, but couldn’t think of the last. Then, after a nice sunrise this morning, it poured out au natural! My books are full of song lyrics inspired poetry and prose, that could be adapted..? Most are probably more suited to rock music, while the above is pure pop… in line with the POP(PinkyOrangePurple)olution?

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