mental dragon, hidden talent

Blog post title wordplays Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movie.

For those who made it thus far, here’s your bonus poem!… and more coffilosophy!:

11.35: The sun wakes up;
emerging from cloud covers.
It hasn’t got its hat on today
but seems ready to play.

I write as an insect keeps scurrying,
leaving a trail of letters:
provoking wrath as evidence of my path;
mortally wounded but driven on
by something built into it.
We can see it happening with our
human brains and eyes,
but don’t know what its thinking.
Maybe something can see
us the same way, running around
destroying our world, thinking we’re
of some use.
Maybe they think they know how to help
us, but don’t think they should intervene:
disrupting nature etc.

2 for 1 poetic comedy genius bargain bin

Birds exiting clouds on high
resembling heavenly forests of sky
provided last remembered sigh:
mental exclamation of ‘My oh my’!

‘Smoke on the Water, a fire in the sky’ adapted for sleepolution:
Sleep on the Water, a lilo in the pool…


Clouds: trees of the sky,
without them planet life would die…
no water fly, wood die, no nature cry, wind sigh:
humanity why?

Sleepolution: incomplete solution to planet’s pollution…
can’t stop breeding?: try more sleeping.. give the planet a rest!

Sleep to Live, Live to Sleep!

Inspired by yesterday’s post, I’ve rebranded myself from Running Wolf to Sleeping Koala.
I’m totally rebelling against rock’s anti-sleep agenda (such as Bon Jovi’s Sleep When I’m Dead and Motorhead’s No Sleep Til Hammersmith); although Faster Pussycat’s Wake Me When It’s Over sounds acceptable!

The above reminded me of another similar Facebook post, and I think the two of them together qualify for a blog post, although my conscientiousness (spelt correctly first time!) does somewhat contradict the sleepy apathy theme!

a-path-y: example of my new shenel (shell-kernel) words within words concept.
apathy: only way for me, or encouraged by society?.. at least it keeps me relatively free… like Janis Joplin and Bobby McGee!
Ironically, that society-induced apathy (for my poor ol’ white creativity) makes me not bother to follow the shenel path; or maybe its Jimmy Carr making fun of Susie Dent’s word books on (UK TV’s) 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown!?

Thanks to whoever read my work on Smashwords recently; the beyond sleepyapathyness of this blog post is dedicated to you!

I’ll end this blog (in concert mode now!) with a sleep adapted song; by adapting Lesley Gore’s It’s My Party (and I’ll)… [change cry to SLEEP; alternatively, keeping both for cry to sleep!]…(if I want to…):

Priscilla Presley doesn’t know me: obituary apology

All our brain’s pure light
divided by prism of life
pulled apart, distorted, lied.

I’d been thinking of how the light of original thought and speech were distorted by others, like a prism separates light into different colours recently, and thought this epitaph could have described my decade-long writing protagonist/theme/logo greenYgrey for me: “..There are no words for you. Angel is the closest I could think of. Pure light… Wild man…Twin soul… Too sensitive for this harsh world.’

If anybody thinks it’s bad taste (if Priscilla Presley or any of the family ever hear of this; which I very much doubt; it is done with sensitivity and respect, in my own ‘rock n’ roll remembered’ way!) paraphrasing somebody else’s obituary, it’s done in the best possible taste (paraphrasing Kenny Everett!), and people like Ben Keough should have been the target audience, but they were misled by Multicultural Fascism, and supporting people who just want to rape and rob them!


Armstrong’s first steps for humanity were like a baby reaching a doorway; humanity hasn’t taken many more, or left our small room.

“New Horizons transformed Pluto from a fuzzy telescopic dot, into a living world with stunning diversity and surprising complexity,”

I was recently alerted to a new image of Pluto by a BBC Horizon documentary (available in the UK on iplayer for another 19 days), and a further search led to a NASA article with research from a historic fly-by five years ago, where that Pluto quote derives from (and the BBC documentary too!).

My Neil Armstrong ‘one small step… one giant leap for mankind’ quote introduction was inspired by a Facebook image.

Pluto Interest Close Up

I think the new Pluto evidence is a good example of how there are zillions more things about the universe we don’t know than we do (as Socrates said the wisest people are those who know they know little 2500 years ago), as we take our first baby steps in the universe… with no chance of humans reaching Pluto in our lifetimes.

While the technology used is amazing and I really appreciate them sharing, there’s no plans to go back to find out more, although they’re trying to work out how a lander could work, and how to get funding!

Humanity’s advances in my lifetime have been amazing, but for most things we’re still trying to work out what’s going in the far distance by sight and theory only – often trying to make calculations from other places, like ancient sailors may have thought all islands on Earth had the same flora and fauna!?

A field just looks green, lifeless and barren from afar, but when you get up close, you see all the colours, life and contours. I think it’s the same in space, as the Pluto evidence suggests; and who knows what’s over the ‘New Horizons’!? 

It was also partly what I was writing about; along with personal and Earthly matters; in my fantasy fiction and philosophical introspection magnum opus…