Q Awards and WoO Bronte Sydney Poetic Arrival

Congratulations to Ellie Goulding, who was the biggest winner at the Q Awards last night. She won the Best Solo Artist and the Readers’ Vote awards. Ellie Goulding was of course backed by the Greenygrey this year.Dressed to impress: Stooshe may not have picked up any awards but they made sure they turned heads

However, best greenygrey outfit of the night goes to Stooshe, who created this great greenygrey photo upon arrival on the red carpet.

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Thanks to Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno for that fashion-focused musical awards introduction.

Werewolf of Oz Reaches Bronte, Sydney

Now it’s time for that fashionable poetry-filled book about a werewolf travelling Australia to a Wizard of Oz theme. This chapter mainly consists of two literary nonsense poems on either end, with another sighting by Grey of something relevant to the closer and closer ending in the middle. Tenerife 085

The first four lines of three words poem celebrates the surreal sight of whales in the ocean at night; like a scene that appears in Life of Pi

The second poem celebrates some of the most renowned British female authors and their books: the Bronte sisters. It was inspired by the Werewolf of Ozzers arriving at Bronte, Sydney.

Chapter 116.  Arriving in Sydney, Booked by Bronte

Moon moves milky
waves washing whales
rising rolling roaming
entrancing ethereal eternal.

Sighting Sydney is a Sight for Salty Eyes

Sea and shore were serenely silent for seventeen hours on the approach to Sydney. Just before reaching land
I thought I saw a commotion
farther out in the Tasman Sea,
and wondered what it could be.

English: bronte house, sydney
English: bronte house, sydney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, the sea was calm moments later. None of the others seemed to have seen it, so I didn’t say anything. There wasn’t time anyway, as we had to decide where to dock.

Docking at Sydney

Cronulla looked made of vanilla
Coogee appeared too easy
so we landed at Bronte
as it seemed to have something to say.
There was no time for wuthering
as the winds reached record heights.
We saw a woman by the name of Jane Eyre
fly head over heels all up in the air
dropping a book our way
by the name of Agnes Grey.



Brontes and books (Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte).


Link for Amazon book and kindle.
Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
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