Football Ground Folding Mirror

This folding mirror was the one of four published on the football poets site and looks at how two sets of supporters will often have similar traditions, songs and dreams, but of course support different teams.

Often the difference is apparent from the colours of the team, and that is the main difference between the two sets of fans displayed below on either side of the folding middle line.  The top half of the poem features the north end supporters, while the bottom half has the south end.

Some lines feature the same words as their opposite lines in the other half of the poem, while other lines mix the words up a bit within the line or introduce new words altogether.

The folding middle is of course the half-way line.


Football Ground Mirror

Red and white, we’re north end dynamite
Behind the goal
shouting and singing:
we’ll support you ever more;
up and up and up we go.
Towards the middle,
there’s less noise,
but more tension
contained in harrumphing
bellows from ardent campaigners

Behind the dugouts chairmen and executives ponder football and finance

tension from seasoned supporters
exhibited only rarely
the odd shout.
There’s more noise,
Towards the goals,
up and up and up we go,
we’ll support you ever more;
shouting and singing:
Behind the goal
White and Blue, we’re the southern crew

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