Rainbow Roy G Biv Anagram Reflections Mirror Poem

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This poem was inspired by Marc Latham’s mind time in the Rainbow Valley; in Australia’s Northern Territory on the border with South Australia.  That was while writing up the Werewolf of Oz.

Marc Latham was just going to scoot through at first, but then got caught up in the valley, and found out a bit about rainbows while there.

When he realised that green was in the middle of the seven colour Newtonian rainbow spectrum (there are other theories too) and there was an anagram of ROY G BIV to remember it he thought it fitted nicely into the Folding Mirror format.

What follows is not the greatest poetic opus ever, or probably even ever by Marc Latham, but he quite enjoys its aesthetics, and hopes you do too. 

He also hopes it’ll help him and you remember the formation; unless you already know ROY well of course.

Here’s the piece:

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