Werewolf of Oz Uluru / Ayer’s Rock Great Gig in the Sky

Hi, it’s Greenygrey, bringing you another thrilling episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps. Sales of Grey’s classic comedy-fantasy travel-quest epic book are so slow we’ve nearly come to a stop, thinking we’re giving you too much of a good thing, what with website visitors up.

However, remembering our goal of entertaining the masses in difficult times, we feel like rewarding your website visits rather than punishing your brilliant-book penny-pinching, so here’s the first December 2012 episode of your favourite werewolf travelling Australia by Google maps to a Wizard of Oz comedy-fantasy classic epic.

And we do think it’s a classic episode, mixing new innovation with old classic references. Maybe when the first real gig does take place in the sky, they’ll look back at the humble ol’ Greenygrey in the same way as we now hark back to Leonardo da Vinci and Jules Verne; as Pink Floyd’s song isn’t about a real gig in the sky. So fasten your belts, hold on tight, and we’re off for another thrilling ride to Oz rocks and sky:


‘I just came round to see if anybody fancied coming to the Oo-loo-roo Air’s Rock festival at Uluru / Ayer’s Rock this weekend. There are many magnificent macropod bands there. The way you’re singing it sounds like you could even play there yourselves,’ Wally answered.

‘Thanks Wally,’ Alice said laughing, ‘Yeh, cobber, sounds fair dinkum me ol’ bushie.’

The Great Gig in the Sky

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After we’d had our fill of spring water we set off for the Oo-loo-roo Air’s Rock festival. We were still springing, and now also singing, while Wally skipped. Apparently, all the macropods used to hop, until Skippy got them skipping in the 1960s.

After about an hour I saw a sensational sight in front of me, and thought it must be the Air’s Rock venue, as there were several stages high up in the air. Each looked like a supersize space roocket the size of a desert view.

There was a portal entrance, and travelling up in it was quite an experience. After that, the good times just kept rolling, with an endless supply of amazing views and tunes. Bonzo looked like a butcher’s dog for the first time.

US version
US version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I enjoyed quite a few bands, and especially the Roomones, Atomic Rooster and Roosh.

Atomic Rooster had a song called Head in the Sky which really suited the setting, while Roosh waited until darkness to play Fly By Night.

The Roomones played such a high energy set they seemed hopping mad. All the members are called Joey: the singer’s moniker is Tribiani Joey; the guitarist is Smokin’ Joey; the bassist is Guest Joey, and the drummer is Pesci Joey.

English: Koala and Kangaroo road sign Français...
English: Koala and Kangaroo road sign Français : Panneau de signalisation Koala et Kangourou (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favourite band was the headliners: Injured Wildlife. They had really socially conscious lyrics in songs like Cousin Koala Curled Up In Eucalyptus and When Did You Last See a Waltzing Wallaby. The entire crowd had a roousing sing-along to the latter, and it was a fitting end to the great gig in the sky rookets.



Socially conscious band inspired by Midnight Oil, and especially their song, Bed is Burning. ‘Injured Wildlife’ name was inspired by an Aussie outback road sign image provided by Zemanta, which provides images for WordPress blogs.
cobber – Aussie slang for friend. fair dinkum – Aussie slang for true/real. bushie – Aussie slang for someone who lives in the bush.
Skippy (TV series kangaroo).
Ramones (punk/rock band. The original members all had pseudonyms with Ramone as their surname).
Atomic Rooster and song (Head in the Sky).
Rush and song (Fly By Night).
The Joeys: Joey Tribiani (Friends character), Smokin’ Joe Frazier (boxer), Jo Guest (model), Joe Pesci (actor).


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