Hubble Space Poem Trilogy 3: Universal Poetry

Over the last few days this site has featured images and poems of the Sombrero galaxy and Ant nebula as the first two instalments of the Hubble Trilogy. Today we bring the space trilogy to a close with a complete image and poem of the universe.

Poem Explanation

Today we have the third and last poem of the trilogy, which tries to capture as complete an image of the whole universe’s space and time as possible within a few words.

I had the idea of structuring the poem like the image of the universe I had read about. Some images suggest it is a big spiralling mirror image, so I created the poem with the words expanding out from the point of singularity (theorised to be what was present before the Big Bang) in the centre.

I structured this by making the lines longer as they spread out from the centre. That original poem is now freely available in all its glory on the Folding Mirror website.

For this site I compacted the poem into a mini version and formatted it onto an image of the M100 spiral galaxy, which represents the whole expanding universe, from the How Stuff Works website.

The poem starts in the centre at the point of singularity and then works vertically outwards to the top and bottom of the image.

The Poem

Space from Singularity Expanding Universe
Space from Singularity Expanding Universe Poem

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