Claire Knight’s Hourglass Nebula Poem

After Claire provided the groundbreaking Folding Mirror poem, Hourglass of Time, I came across the Hourglass nebula in the best Hubble photos list.

The Hourglass Nebula

So I invited Claire to create a poem to represent the image, and she responded with a poem in no time. Claire sent a draft of this poem to me before I created the Ant Nebula poem, so she interpreted the image in colours before I did with the Ant Nebula.

Thanks for creating the poem, and sharing it here with us Claire:

The Poem

Cosmic Jellyfish of the Hourglass Nebula

floating far in the darkest void
wind spun outer rings of red hues
ethereal magic of the vast galaxy
two cosmic jellyfish connecting
translucent skirts swirling
shot with green streams
light years away:
light years away
shot with pure green silk
translucent skirts billowing
two cosmic jellyfish conjoining
magical enigma of the vast galaxy
wind spun inner rings of turquoise
quietly floating far into eternity

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