Red Sun Gives You Wings of Pink Poem


There was a great early morning sky spectacular over Leeds this morning, featuring planets, stars, sunrise, iridescent lights and more:

  • Venus and other celestial objects in a clear dark sky, with the first signs of light visible in orange and blue on the eastern horizon.
  • a big cloud lit up like a big pink jelly just before sunrise
  • and iridescent lights in a thin horizon cloud after the sunrise.

Just before the sunrise, the sun was lighting up planes flying over the treetop horizon, and making them look rather good.  It inspired this poem, which retreads some previous Marc Latham fm poems, but also has some originality.

 Dawn Cinderellas Pink Candy Dance

heavy metal hulks
noisy and cumbersome
when grounded become

flamingo comets

sailing over sunrise
silent and sleek
fade fusing fandango

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