Lost Horizon: Sports Stadiums Evoke Tribal Memories of Greenygrey Glacial Glades?

London Olympic stadium
Image by davepatten via Flickr

Hi, it’s Ethelwulf.  I was watching a news crew enter a stadium the other day, I think it was the new London Olympics 2012 one, and remembering my experiences doing the same thing at venues such as Elland Road, when I got to thinking how stadiums recreate the environmental feel of mountains and glades.  And the colours of green and grey of course.

Lost Horizons of Body and Mind

In the classic film, Lost Horizons, some Westerners found a utopian lost civilisation, Shangri-La, hidden away in the Himalayas.  After walking through blizzards on the way there, once they are inside they find Shangri-La to be green and pleasant sheltered within the protecting mountains.

However, some problems arise, and all is not hunky-dory for them…

Parallels with Sporting Stadiums

I think the film has similarities to people going to support their team in sporting stadiums.  If it is in winter, they struggle there in difficult conditions, but once inside they see a green oasis within a sheltering grey stadium; perhaps evoking primal memories of tribal safety and socialisation within early cave-glade human settlements.

For the time before kick-off, and if their team wins it becomes a utopian society, but problems often arise…

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