Poem Linking Shaman Vortex and Space Wormhole

Although in some ways I’d have preferred 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections to be published by a big publisher, self-publishing on Kindle does have some advantages. As well as a quick and efficient service, keeping costs down, and saving paper, you can also edit it after first publishing. And today I suddenly thought out of nowhere that I’d made a mistake, and lo and behold, I had written about documentaries marking the 25th anniversary of punk, instead of 35, which early-bird readers might have noticed. I have now changed it.
Although the above book marks a big milestone in Folding Mirror poetry, I thought that it shouldn’t delay the new era, so here’s Marc Latham’s new FM poem. It was inspired by hearing about wormholes on television space documentaries like How the Universe Works and Horizon, and reading about how our ancestors thought vortexes provided pathways to the spirit world in Williams and Pearce’s Inside the Neolithic Mind. 
English: Deutsch:
English: Deutsch: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Shamanism and Science
to travel vast distances
in and out
through universes
physicists hypothesise
traversable wormholes
in space future, like ancestral past’s
trance vortexes
shamans’ gateways
into otherworlds
above and below
mind and physical Earth
Sedona Energy Vortex
Sedona Energy Vortex (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)
Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk)

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