Mirror Poem about Seasonal Weather and Sporting Decisions

Marc Latham’s new Folding Mirror poem was inspired by September’s weather being better than August’s in the U.K. this year. With August traditionally in summer, and September in autumn, the seasonal change provided a chance to use the months and seasons with their alliterative partners. Here’s the poem:

rocks eagle

Weather is Changeable, Earth more Predictable

August can appear autumn
September like summer
clouds and rain
may disperse
inspiring seasons reverse
idea falling from unconscious
that the months and seasons
might twist around slightly
this year
but only after Bertha
blew in from America

making me think, of sporting decisions

so I warmed up
preparing to write poetry
recalling football
played on sloping pitches
with a gale blowing uphill
if winning the toss
you’d play up
first half
because the wind
changes its direction
while ground remains same


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Mirror Poem about Creative Inspiration Lost in Time

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem isn’t a recreation of a recent event, but it was inspired by a similar experience; one he has heard many writers and poets talk and write about.

Musing Through Space, Recorded in Memory

I must have been on automatic
because I just can’t locate it
I had a pen some time ago
tap tap distracted by knocking door
I was going to use it immediately
write down what my unconscious told me

fifteen minutes distraction, quarter hour regression

I send my conscious mind spinning around
where was I when disturbed by sound
I walked this that diverted direction
need more time for a deeper introspection
I was by desk before window
found it on floor under door

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Mirror Poem about Forest Cars Tree Talk

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem was inspired by a story on msn news about cars being left over the years in Belgium’s Chatillon forest.

Mirror Poem Rush Trees Inspiration

They were eventually removed, after photographers had taken lots of photos. While reading the story and writing the poem, Marc thought about the Rush song The Trees, and especially the lyric ‘there’s trouble in the forest’.


Here’s the poem, framed by a couple of mirroring photos:

Chatillon Forest Mirror Poem

Tree Tops Talk, Cars Keep Quiet

V shaped tree tops
framing flat sky
Chatillon Belgian forest
enchanting words of silence
all lined up
in orderly rows
of watching
green vegetation
when the wind
interested them
into speaking
while always

seeming to ask why, Y are cars below

did automobiles
answer them
noises yes
pitter patter rain
grey roofs
washing away
what windscreens saw
over the years
but the bonnets
kept their engines quiet
retaining their mystery
until leaving nature
to its own devices

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Mirror Poem Inspired by Running Brain

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem was inspired by noticing a ear-to-head vein pumped up after a longish run, and then being inspired to write a longer than expected introduction to his last FM poem One Coffee One Decision : One Movement One Drink and Reflection 22 of 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections on his other site, Writing and Poetry. He’s serialising the reflections on the site.

Connection or Coincidence

Marc doesn’t know if what looked like an increased blood flow to the brain and the longer than expected blog post are connected; or if he just got into the writing, and it’s a coincidence, but it inspired this next poem anyway. Here it is:

Running Blood Up, Writing Poetry Down

run, run, run
pump, pump, pump
make your heart beat
rhythm of dancing feet
oxygenate the blood flow
cardiovascular all systems go

main vein to brain, connecting sane and insane

refreshing mind with energy
mirror poetry of synergy
forms from rising tides
uniting left right sides
write, write, write
rest, rest, rest

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Mirror Poem Drinking Decision Topic Inspiration

I haven’t felt like writing a Folding Mirror poem for ten days. I entered this site not knowing why, and without a plan for a poem. Then I reached for my decaffeinated tea (I usually drink coffee, but it’s late now, so I took artistic license with the drink, and it balances  better within the poem! The poem is not autobiographical, although the actions, thoughts and inspiration did happen!!)

It’s just supposed to be an example of a thought process that often seems to occur, and I think is why some people often look foolhardy: because they take the risky option; either because they enjoy the risk, or because they feel lazy. Here’s Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem:

One Coffee One Decision : One Movement One Drink

full mug of coffee
just out of reach
of my left arm
weighed down by poetry
waiting to be written
in computer balanced on lap

should I rise to be sure, or stretch and risk spilling drink

confident brain side persuades head
reaching for the handle
rising up make contact
finger and thumb grasp
unsure wobble to mouth
drink before safe landing

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Monarch Butterflies Migration Mirror Poem

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem was inspired by an article about trying to conserve habitat for monarch butterflies by Jill and Harold Draper in American Forests magazine. It’s available on the American Forests website.

Monarch  Butterflies Migration

The article explains how monarch butterflies have an amazing migration over five to nine generations from Mexico and southern U.S.A. to northern U.S.A. and Canada.

The cycle reaches its peak when a super generation of monarch butterflies feel the first real cold weather in the north and fly to the southern point of monarch butterflies’ geographical range.

All being well, after hibernating it starts the cycle again by heading north. It dies after a few weeks, but has laid eggs, and the next generation continues the northerly migration.

The butterfly’s caterpillar only eats milkweed, while the adult feeds on multiple plants.

Several generations live short lives migrating north, before a new super generation reaches the cold, and flies south to start the cycle again.

Wikipedia explains that monarch butterflies migrate through CRY proteins in their antennas acting as a geomagnetic compass using ultraviolet light.

Monarch Butterflies Mirror Poem

Here’s the poem. The 4×4 of the title refers to the four stages of the monarch butterfly’s birth and life, and there usually being at least four generations of monarch butterfly each migration, with one being a super generation that travels a little way north, all the way south, and then a little north again.

Monarch Butterfly 4×4 Life Cycle

Canadian frost
tells me
I am the super generation
most northern flying
monarch butterfly
and it is time
to turn south
to start
the cycle again

egg, caterpillar and pupa; several generations live, shortly

coasting under clouds
I end
species journey north
directed by CRY light
one journey
thousands of miles
do I remember my ancestors
before I’m
Mexican first

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Mirror Poem Book Poetry Reflections 11 – 15

Fifteen reflections from 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections are on the Writing and Poetry blog now, so following on from reflections 1-5 and reflections 6-10, here’s reflections 11-15:

The book’s available from Amazon for under £3 and under $6, and lots of other currencies for the equivalent prices; and Smashwords for other ebook readers for much less.

Mirror Poem Reflections

Reflection 11 mirrored the poem Tale of the Weakness Tail

Limits of Freedom

When birds have freedom
they don’t fly into the stratosphere
but sometimes bump into windows.

Reflection 12 mirrored Human and Society Chicken and Egg Dilemma Oddly Solved

Those who feel hard done by
often seem to want to get even
not necessarily with whoever
caused their upset
but with anybody
who’ll balance the books
return their equilibrium
as they see it
for the unloved to feel love
for the bullied to feel powerful
for the unlucky to feel lucky
for the poor to feel rich
for the insane to feel sane.

Reflection 13 mirrored Mine Bipolar Mind

You cannot escape -
thinking you’re free
one side of the mind
on the same body.

Reflection 14 mirrored All Cooper

The mirror image of personality and humanity has been a regular theme in Folding Mirror poetry. Vincent Furnier‘s Alice Cooper alter-ego allows him to investigate and release his internal demons; demons that once sent him into alcoholism and a sanatorium.

Societies that have the freedom to analyse and criticise themselves, with a free press and human rights, should be healthier in the same way as Furnier is now, while societies that do not have the same reflection and release will probably grow more demonic.

Reflection 15 mirrored Climbing Over the Hill

Did I reach middle-age missing out a couple of lines? How many more lines will I go through and reach? Is middle-age the purgatory of your life: looking back at your life without knowing the future? Or if you have one!

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